Time Nick Message 01:24 bene that mini intel atom box is pretty interesting as a pfsense base 01:25 bene i have an alix 2d2 board for current firewall 01:27 bene i was thinking of upgrading to an alix apu board, but it's $230+ for case and all the bits 01:28 pdurbin sounds expensive 01:29 pdurbin :) 01:29 bene semiosis: have you thrown your pfsense box on a kill-a-watt to get a power usage reading? 01:29 bene it's both expensive and cheap depending on how you value your time 01:29 * pdurbin looks at https://gitlab.com based on the tweet by semiosis 01:30 bene the alix stuff has all the industrial use ratings for RF interference, temperatures and varying power quality 01:30 bene so it's rock solid 01:30 bene whereas your $50 best buy router will die after a year because it overheats and the caps go to hell 01:31 pdurbin bene: you're reminding me that my wife pointed out that xkcd stole my idea: Hard Reboot - http://xkcd.com/1495/ :) 01:32 pdurbin although in my case I put my "server" on a lamp timer so it wouldn't keep us awake at night in our crappy basement Fenway apartment 01:32 bene it's a sad state of affairs when you login to a server and run 'crontab -l' and see: 01:32 bene 0 1 * * * /sbin/reboot 01:43 pdurbin heh: Heroku | No such app - https://ello.co./ 01:43 pdurbin via https://indiewebcamp.com/Ello 02:02 bene gitlab is pretty nice 02:03 bene i set up an in-house server for us to bang on at work 02:04 pdurbin cool 21:14 pdurbin I've got this demo app deploying on Vagrant. Would anyone like to add Docker support? https://github.com/pdurbin/addressbookmvc/tree/master/examples/javaee7/src/test/deploy/vagrant 21:20 melodie hi pdurbin 21:21 melodie I have pointed someone from my region to the wonderstudy page, and he has provided a pull request, could you have a look? 21:21 melodie he and I have been talking about the coding 4 o'clock because they are going to organize one for adults too (coding aperitive or so) 21:23 pdurbin melodie: https://github.com/wonderstudy/wonderstudy.github.io/pull/3 looks good. you should go ahead and click "merge" 21:24 melodie let me look how to do that 21:24 melodie ok I sign in 21:27 melodie pdurbin how can I display the diff? 21:27 melodie https://github.com/nnodot/wonderstudy.github.io/commit/134a3f250cb476b84d95493ec178e9172186cc24 this? 21:29 melodie I have the hardest time browsing in github 21:29 melodie now I can't find again the page where I can click to merge! 21:30 melodie ok merged 21:31 melodie I'll ask him a crash course related to github when I meet him 21:31 melodie that will be useful