Time Nick Message 13:10 bene i have a pfsense router at home 13:10 bene but i did the ipsec vpn set up instead of openvpn 13:11 bene i only wanted it for ios/os x, and you can use the built in network tools on those platforms for ipsec tunnels 16:17 semiosis lol poor github... https://status.github.com/messages 16:17 semiosis this calls for a tweet 16:18 semiosis https://twitter.com/pragmaticism/status/581490520473497601 16:47 melodie hello! 16:49 melodie pdurbin if some members of the present community know people looking for positions, I found an offer for people who are in Colorado 16:49 melodie here is the link: https://ello.co/wtf/post/jobs 17:11 pdurbin westmaas: you might know some people in CO 19:12 paulisp Does anyone have experience with phusion/baseimage? I'm trying to get a feel for where it's most useful. 19:57 semiosis ehhhh http://slackhq.com/post/114696167740/march-2015-security-incident-and-launch-of-2fa 21:44 melodie good night$ 21:57 pdurbin sounds expensive 22:45 westmaas they just got money to cover it 22:45 westmaas i'll forward the job on :) 22:45 westmaas s/job/jobs/