Time Nick Message 00:10 pdurbin heh 00:12 prologic it's all but too true though 00:12 prologic sadly 16:22 semiosis just found out about Amazon Aurora... https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/highly-scalable-mysql-compat-rds-db-engine/ 16:22 semiosis thinking about migrating to that 16:22 semiosis anyone heard of it? 16:25 pdurbin nope 20:36 pdurbin If you have a job that you're going to break up across several servers and each server will process part of that job, what do you call the part? A "slice"? 20:44 pdurbin you have 100 items to process. you tell server 5 to process the last 20 of the 100. maybe you'd call that "slice5" (or "slice4" if you like zero-index counting) 21:15 semiosis job 21:15 semiosis the job has 5 tasks 21:15 semiosis or maybe batch 21:16 semiosis but that has other connotations 21:16 semiosis or is the job all 100 21:16 semiosis i dont know 21:17 pdurbin heh 21:18 pdurbin right now I'm saying numPartitions=3 and partitionIdToProcess=1 for example 21:19 semiosis sounds interesting. what's the workload? 21:20 pdurbin indexing 303,826 documents into Solr 21:22 semiosis science! 21:22 pdurbin :) 21:58 semiosis impression from first day with pfsense... don't trust the optional packages 21:58 semiosis base system seems pretty good 23:18 hydrajump semiosis: did you go with pfsense instead of Ubiquiti ER range?