Time Nick Message 13:35 paulisp I need some help with LXC. I am trying to run X on an LXC container (as shown at http://mraw.org/blog/2011/04/05/Running_X_from_LXC/ ). However, when I `startx`, mouse and keyboard are unresponsive, even to change to a different tty. The graphics show up, but "no one's home" it seems. Are there any container experts out there that can help me out? 13:39 pdurbin hmm, maybe prologic or codex or hydrajump knows. or others :) 13:43 paulisp codex: thoughts? 13:43 paulisp prologic: thoughts? 13:43 paulisp hydrajump: any ideas? 13:45 pdurbin paulisp: you might need to wait for some of them to wake up :) 13:45 paulisp lol sorry 13:45 pdurbin maybe write up your problem at http://serverfault.com and link to it 13:47 paulisp link: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/191289/docker-how-to-run-x-desktop-in-a-container 13:48 pdurbin or there. very good 17:04 hydrajump paulisp: hi I know you mentioned you're using LXC, but here are lots of examples how to do it with docker if you want to try https://blog.jessfraz.com/posts/docker-containers-on-the-desktop.html 17:07 paulisp is it running its own X server? 17:08 paulisp ah, you're forwarding X. See, I'm trying to have the host not even run its own X server, offloading everything to the guest. 17:09 paulisp And, so far, everything but the keyboard appears to work 17:11 paulisp hydrajump: I do appreciate the examples, though! 17:20 paulisp hydrajump: It may even seem like a self-licking ice cream cone, but I planned on running these types of docker containers inside an LXC container. Similar to docker --privilege, but I figured that LXC is more for what I'm trying to do. 17:59 paulisp I figured it out. all details are in the url provided above. 18:02 pdurbin paulisp: are you saying the answer is at http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/18003/linux-lxc-deploying-images-with-tiniest-possible-x11 ? 18:25 paulisp yes 18:25 paulisp pdurbin: thanks 18:25 pdurbin paulisp: sure. are you going to add an answer to http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/191289/docker-how-to-run-x-desktop-in-a-container ? 18:26 paulisp pdurbin: Yes. I plan on doing a clean write-up over the next hour. 18:26 pdurbin +1 20:20 prologic pdurbin, paulisp I know how ot urn X apps in Docker containers 20:20 pdurbin prologic knows everything 20:21 prologic See: https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/crux/xchat/ 20:21 prologic haha 20:21 prologic not quiet :) 20:21 bene quite loud? 20:21 prologic quite* 20:21 prologic :) 20:21 prologic sorry 20:21 prologic Tue Mar 24 06:24:55 AEST 2015 20:21 pdurbin bene: quite you 20:21 prologic too early for me 20:21 bene i'm just playing word games 20:22 bene WORMS. I'M AFRAID OF WORMS, ROXANNE! 20:23 prologic Anyone here have a chance to spin up my little/mini PaaS of sorts :) 20:23 prologic https://gist.github.com/prologic/72ca4076a63d5dd1687d 20:23 prologic I've deployed it to vz1.vallinux.org last night demo app at hello.vallinux.org