Time Nick Message 00:00 pdurbin bene: huh. why not? 00:00 bene it's not part of the default centos installation AFAIK 00:01 pdurbin weird 00:01 pdurbin so much for batteries included 00:01 bear python 2.7 ... ohhh, centos 00:01 bear ugh 00:01 bene heh 00:01 bene lots of centos 5/6 in the production envs 00:01 bear yea, for centos I started shipping json module with my code 00:02 bene and lots of silos 00:39 prologic pdurbin, bear lol it's not quite ready yet wrt docker use -- there's a bit of a minor bug/issue we ran into: https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/11382 01:33 pdurbin :) 17:29 pdurbin whorka: "Code on our web-based editor, with your favorite text editor or via SSH. Your development box is accessible anywhere." https://www.nitrous.io ... sounds a bit like http://projects.iq.harvard.edu/rce 17:31 whorka pdurbin, it must be a long time since you've used our RCE :) 17:34 pdurbin I only use it for private git repos. :) 17:35 bear of interest if anyone uses authy... http://sakurity.com/blog/2015/03/15/authy_bypass.html 17:54 pdurbin lotsa angry red on that page 18:15 bene looks pink to me 18:16 bene salmon and crimson 18:17 bene ah, i was thinking more about packaging for web apps in bed last night 18:18 bene and i thought of alex payne's ansible configs for self-hosted cloud apps: https://github.com/al3x/sovereign 18:19 bene because the config has some pluggable bits that enable/disable various apps in the stack