Time Nick Message 02:55 mhayden pdurbin: well windows doesn't do acpi_rev properly either 02:55 mhayden it always reports 2 02:56 mhayden :( 19:26 semiosis anyone heard of Boxen? Used it? https://boxen.github.com/ 19:26 semiosis looks like puppet scripts to install stuff on your mac 19:28 pdurbin that might be the one GitHub Inc. uses 19:28 semiosis it is 19:29 pdurbin that's all I know 19:53 hydrajump hi guys. anyone familiar with nmap who can double check something for me? Let me know if you're able to determine if any ports are open at the following IP 19:54 hydrajump it's an EC2 instance I have launched and want to confirm something. 19:57 larsks hydrajump: nmap tellsme port 554 and 7070 are open. 19:58 hydrajump hi larsks. that's odd 19:59 larsks Eh, maybe. It may simply indicate that my isp is doing something wonky with those ports :) 19:59 hydrajump there's only one port open according to the security group. 19:59 larsks Is it one of those? 19:59 hydrajump nope 20:00 larsks Weeeeeeeird. I can telnet to either port and connect, too. But no response to anything. 20:01 hydrajump that's really weird 20:02 skay hey pdurbin, my friend made a channel called #userops http://mediagoblin.org/news/userops.html is it something you'd find interesting? 20:02 larsks hydrajump: I'm not the only one: http://serverfault.com/questions/330571/nmap-on-my-webserver-shows-tcp-ports-554-and-7070-open 20:06 pdurbin skay: is it publicly logged like this channel? 20:06 skay pdurbin: I don't know 20:06 skay I don't think so. I see nothing about it in the topic 20:07 skay are any of you at libreplanet? 20:07 * skay is not 20:08 pdurbin gonna ski this weekend instead 20:08 skay oh have fun. I've never downhill skied. cross countried around the lake front before 20:08 skay s/around/at 20:09 pdurbin the kids love it 20:10 pdurbin I slipped on the ice biking to work today. I think the guy who found me thought I was dead. 20:13 whorka "found" you? holy crap. how long were you out? and you're still going skiing?? 20:14 pdurbin heh. I'm being a drama queen. I just didn't feel like moving until I knew I was ok 20:15 bene pdurbin: do you ride studs in the winter? 20:15 pdurbin whorka: ask Cris next to me about the guy she saw wipe out just outside CGIS this morning. 20:15 bene it was pretty icy this morning 20:16 pdurbin I probably should ride studs, whatever that means. 20:16 bene studded bike tires 20:16 pdurbin sounds fancy 20:16 bene http://www.peterwhitecycles.com/studdedtires.asp <- Schwalbe Winter Marathons 20:17 bene that's what i have 20:17 bene but i'm mostly on the hubway these days 20:19 pdurbin I want someone to buy me one of those fat tire bikes. Or whatever they're called. 20:20 whorka a "cruiser" ? 20:21 bene no, they're called fat bikes 20:21 bene http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatbike 20:22 whorka I had Schwalbe Big Apples on my bike for a while which they claimed were "balloon tires"... helped smooth out the ride a bit. 20:23 pdurbin bene: are you still in the area? let's grab whorka some day and talk bikes over lunch 20:23 bene i'm downtown for work these days 20:23 bene but i could WFH some day and trot down for lunch 20:24 pdurbin now you're talkin' 21:17 hydrajump larsks: ok. thanks for scanning ;) 22:18 pdurbin skay: now that I've actually read http://mediagoblin.org/news/userops.html I can say, yes, it's interesting. :) 22:18 pdurbin "If you’re interested in talking about making deployment easier for every-day users, please consider joining the conversation" 22:19 skay I'm having some pain helping novices learn to deploy something when I'm not an exerpt myself. I just jumped in to help where they have given sudo to maybe everyone? 22:19 pdurbin skay: did I show you https://github.com/mattl/indieweb-installer/blob/master/dump.md ? 22:19 skay in production... and they edit the code in production. and push to github from there? sort of? but I don't know how they set things up 22:19 skay sigh 22:20 skay pdurbin: you have not 22:20 skay my friend Asheesh (Chris referred to him) works on sandstorm.io 22:21 skay seems similar? 22:21 pdurbin skay: yes, I told Asheesh about it here: http://irclogs.jackgrigg.com/irc.freenode.net/openhatch/2015-01-20#i_3551855 22:21 skay need to away-from-attention 22:22 skay pdurbin: oh! I didn't realize you met asheesh. derp. of course you h ave 22:22 skay I forget who knows everyone 22:22 pdurbin he's a swell fellow 23:35 bene if indieweb installer is specifically aimed at webapps, then something in the deis/dokku/flynn camp where it's a heroku-compatible app format seems like a good target 23:35 pdurbin bene: speak English, man 23:36 bene if you really want everyone hosting their own little federated web doohickey, then it's got to be low cost and compatible across a bunch of services 23:36 bene just look up flynn or deis 23:36 bene do you know about heroku? 23:36 bene lemme rephrase 23:36 bene you should know about heroku 23:36 * pdurbin knows about heroku 23:36 bene :-) 23:37 pdurbin searchbot: lucky deis dokku flynn 23:37 searchbot pdurbin: http://progrium.com/blog/2014/10/28/deis-breathes-new-life-into-dokku/ 23:37 bene i've only read 3 of the things you've posted from the indieweb crowd 23:37 bene so i may not have grokked their motivations or goals 23:37 bene well 23:37 bene definitely not motivations, but perhaps goals 23:37 pdurbin 'I announced Dokku as an open source "Docker powered mini-Heroku."' 23:38 bene hmm, flynn looks bigger than i remember 23:38 pdurbin bene: ok so this thing is like openshift origin. run your own paas 23:39 bene okay 23:39 bene i wasn't aware that red hat had open sourced redshift, but yes, that's sounds like a reasonable characterization 23:39 bene s/red/open 23:39 bene RedShiftHatOrigin 23:39 pdurbin searchbot: lucky openshift origin 23:39 searchbot pdurbin: https://www.openshift.com/products/origin 23:39 bene ShiftHatRedOrigin 23:40 pdurbin phew! it's still a thing 23:40 bene yeah, it's a thing 23:40 bene i went to a talk by nate aune 3-4 years ago comparing heroku, openshift, cloud*mumble* and 1 other PaaS 23:41 pdurbin I think the indieweb people want something more like CPanel. maybe bear knows 23:41 bene i saw the cpanel references 23:41 bear they are not ready for even that level of automation just yet 23:42 bear the collection of tools is still to variable to really get in place 23:42 pdurbin well, they should all join that new group skay started :) 23:43 pdurbin bene: good talk? 23:43 bear my hunch is that it will be a bunch of microservices with a common config (but that is also my bias) 23:43 bene http://appsembler.com/blog/paas-bakeoff-comparing-stackato-openshift-dotcloud-and-heroku-for-django-hosting-and-deployment/ <- stackato and dotcloud were the other two 23:43 bene it was a good talk 23:44 bene nate's a good speaker 23:44 bene he set up the same mini django app on all 4 services 23:44 bear I would love to see something like Digital Ocean's ability to just paste in a docker file and you get a vm 23:44 bene showed off the command line tools, etc 23:45 skay pdurbin: I did not start that group, my friend Chris did 23:45 pdurbin skay: just joshin' ya 23:45 pdurbin skay: your friend Chris should join #crimsonfu! :) 23:46 skay pdurbin: he's paroneayea 23:47 pdurbin bear: well, how does " 23:47 pdurbin Docker powered mini-Heroku in around 100 lines of Bash 23:47 pdurbin " grab ya? https://github.com/progrium/dokku 23:47 bear add in some sort of default private network configuration... oh my yes 23:47 pdurbin openstack has fancy virtual networking stuff 23:48 bear yea, I explored dokku a while ago - but issues with docker was making it fail in odd ways 23:48 bear well, i'm thinking that someone would need to select "db option 1" and then the remaining items in the deploy bundle would get a network update to allow them to talk to the docker container that is db-option-1 23:50 pdurbin bear: maybe try running the fancy new linux distro by prologic with all of it's dockerized docker docking: https://github.com/vallinux 23:50 bear I was reading that this weekend - I just do not have enough time in the day :/ 23:51 pdurbin it's only a week old. good luck running prod on it :) 23:51 bear LOL 23:53 pdurbin bene: oh. django hosting. interesting 23:53 pdurbin bene: in theory I'm maybe going to this: Flask for Django Developers - Django Boston Meetup Group (Cambridge, MA) - Meetup - http://www.meetup.com/djangoboston/events/220624326/ 23:54 bene i'm signed up for that too 23:54 bene i've been sketching out a little ops-y flask app in recent days 23:55 pdurbin bene: have an itch to scratch? 23:55 bene sounds like indiewebcamp wants to productionize tilde.club without the clubby bit 23:56 bene my itch is that i have SSH access to 700 machines and very little metadata about them 23:56 bene pssh and for loops can go a long way, but i need to stuff the info i collect into something with an interface that lets me interpret the data in a useful manner 23:56 pdurbin for the ilbot3, to make a clickable link in the logs: http://tilde.club 23:57 pdurbin bene: have you tried salt? 23:57 pdurbin searchbot: lucky salk stack 23:57 searchbot pdurbin: http://saltstack.com/community/ 23:57 bene we have salt in some of the environments 23:57 pdurbin oh 23:57 bene have you run halite? 23:57 pdurbin nope 23:58 pdurbin bene: you're reminding me of this thing I made while at fasrc: https://github.com/pdurbin/wellington 23:58 bear you may want to check out the info gathering part of ansible 23:58 pdurbin but it didn't have a web interface. sounds like you want one 23:58 bear it runs a small app that then returns a json blob of metadata 23:58 bene i have run ansible too 23:59 bene but the reporting bits in tower are not free AFAIK 23:59 bene and not all of our remote machines have python-simplejson installed