Time Nick Message 00:00 pdurbin nothing new under the sun 13:58 mhayden pdurbin: nice gif ;) 14:00 pdurbin :) 14:01 pdurbin mhayden: I also just @mentioned you on google+ 14:02 pdurbin https://plus.google.com/106435630686948313794/posts/LF38TMkuDPu mentioned https://major.io/2015/02/03/linux-support-dell-xps-13-9343-2015-model/ 14:03 pdurbin hmm. http://67p.io ... "Open-source communication tools for the 21st century. Provisional name. Definite progress" according to https://twitter.com/join67p via https://github.com/opensourcedesign/chat/issues/1#issuecomment-75292934 14:08 pdurbin "We're working on an open source Web app to fix IRC for humans" 14:09 pdurbin looks like they're trying to come up with a name: https://github.com/67P/meta/issues/1 14:28 mhayden yeah, that xps 13 is a pain in the rear 14:28 mhayden nice hardware, though 14:30 pdurbin many updates on that post 14:30 pdurbin obviously a struggle 14:30 mhayden yeah, exhausting 14:30 mhayden mjg59 found that the ACPI_REV might be a problem 14:30 mhayden i spent a ton of time poring over the DSDT's and i missed that one 14:30 mhayden the hardware manufacturers try to get their bios working with a bunch of stuff but then it causes more problems 14:31 mhayden bbiab 14:34 pdurbin Perhaps this is not the year of Linux on the desktop.