Time Nick Message 00:54 * larsks is going. Big surprise there, I know. 00:55 pdurbin :) 00:56 pdurbin I had good run. Maybe 3 summits in a row or so. 01:18 pdurbin http://googlecloudplatform.blogspot.com/2015/03/introducing-Google-Cloud-Storage-Nearline-near-online-data-at-an-offline-price.html 02:55 mhayden pdurbin: you betcha 02:55 mhayden pdurbin: talking to mr. cuff about meeting up as well 10:38 pdurbin nice 17:46 semiosis anyone know how i can get textual to add a colon & space after a nick when using tab completion? 17:48 * pdurbin hasn't heard of textual 17:49 semiosis pdurbinwhat irc client do you use on your mac? 17:51 pdurbin I ssh to my server and attach to the screen session running weechat. 17:53 semiosis wow thats hardcore. i remember the days of running bitchx in a screen 17:54 semiosis ...back in high school lol 17:54 semiosis thanks anyway 18:03 pdurbin semiosis: I thought you had some fancy ZNC bouncer thing. 18:51 bene bitchx + screen -> irssi + tmux 18:51 bene time to upgrade, man 18:55 semiosis pdurbin: i do use znc but that's just a proxy, not a client. now that i've switched to a mac i'm using textual for the client 18:55 semiosis bene: yeah 18:56 semiosis bene: bitchx + screen -> konversation + kde -> textual + yosemite 18:57 pdurbin get off my lawn 18:57 semiosis rofl 20:26 semiosis the fine folks in #textual helped me out. 20:28 pdurbin what was the fix? 20:51 semiosis it was buried deep in the preferences 20:51 semiosis but there's a field where you can set what chars to add after a nickname completion 20:51 semiosis default is empty 20:52 semiosis also turns out that textual was inspired by konversation :) 20:56 semiosis pdurbin: ^ 21:07 pdurbin ah. that one I've used. back in the day 21:08 * pdurbin reaches for his cane 22:16 pdurbin prologic: want to jump in #linuxvillage and answer questions about vallinux? http://irclog.perlgeek.de/linuxvillage/2015-03-12