Time Nick Message 00:18 prologic dunno 00:18 prologic I've not seen any major uses of it yet 00:18 prologic and I haven' tried it yet either 00:19 pdurbin time will tell I guess 00:19 * pdurbin wonders if he can join that slack channel via irc 01:41 bene i wouldn't 01:41 bene the tool was designed to be used a certain way 01:41 bene i would first try the way the designers suggest 01:52 * pdurbin just joined 01:52 pdurbin I'm looking at https://slack.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201314026-Understanding-roles-permissions-inside-Slack 01:53 pdurbin what Slack calls a public channel I wouldn't call a public channel 01:53 pdurbin #crimsonfu is a public channel 01:53 pdurbin hell, it's even publicly logged 01:55 pdurbin bene: I guess I'm trying to avoid yet another inbox 02:14 pdurbin I'm sure Slack has its uses but I dunno, I'm more into public stuff right now: http://blog.codinghorror.com/maximizing-the-value-of-your-keystrokes/ 02:19 prologic you can totally join slack channels over irc 02:19 prologic it's just a bit limited obviously 02:19 prologic some of their fancier features don't work in IRC d'uh 02:19 prologic but it works great nonetheless 02:20 prologic they actually fully support Jabber/XMPP and IRC gateways 02:21 pdurbin I deactivated my Slack account already. 02:21 pdurbin my wife uses it at work, says it cuts down on email 02:23 pdurbin if people at work want to try it that's fine with me. I'll join. It looks like accounts are per-organization anyway: https://slack.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201405046-Joining-multiple-Slack-teams 02:42 prologic yeah 02:45 prologic it *can* cut down on email 02:45 prologic but in reality I don't htink it does 02:45 prologic also otoh I'm not really a big fan of textual chat in organizations wher eyou can actually interact fact-to-face 02:45 prologic because you loose a lot of the social interactions and often things can be said in ways that are misinterpreted in textual form 10:41 pdurbin prologic: yeah but often even when you *can* interact face-to-face lots and lots of emails are sent out. 14:12 mhayden pdurbin: doing red hat summit this summer? 14:56 pdurbin wasn't planning on it 23:51 pdurbin mhayden: you going? 23:51 pdurbin it's funny, I'd probably benefit from the jboss stuff 23:52 pdurbin I mean, it's all good stuff but the main app I work on is a Java EE app.