Time Nick Message 13:44 tfhartmann Hey Crimsonfu... what do people here think of Slack? 13:48 pdurbin tfhartmann: I've heard good things but I run an IRC logger (thought not in this channel) so I can own the data. I'm not sure what the "data liberation" story is for Slack. 13:48 tfhartmann I just threw up an account, so far it's got a very irc feel 13:49 tfhartmann if you want to kick it around I'll send ya an invite to my "company" 13:54 pdurbin tfhartmann: I'd be interested in trying Slack some day. 13:57 tfhartmann invite sent. Slack is free so you could have totally set up your own company/team or whatever, but I figured it might be more interesting to have another person to talk to :p 14:09 pdurbin thanks. will check it out at some point. trying to get this profiler working 14:09 pdurbin free but limited log history, last time I looked 14:12 tfhartmann good to know! 22:21 pdurbin prologic: here's another new Linux for ya: https://github.com/papyros/mockups 23:08 prologic haha 23:10 prologic http://papyros.io/faq/index.html\\ 23:10 prologic http://papyros.io/faq/index.html 23:10 prologic ValLInux is positively better in everyway :) 23:10 prologic haha 23:10 prologic but maybe we can package their Desktop Shell when it becomes mature :) 23:10 prologic lol 23:10 prologic "Built on top of Arch" 23:10 prologic pffft 23:11 prologic I'd hardly call that a new Linux 23:11 prologic but a fork/derivative of Arch :) 23:16 pdurbin that's harsh but true 23:17 prologic lol 23:17 prologic don't get me wrong 23:17 prologic they may in fact build a really kick ass desktop shell 23:17 prologic I might even like it assuming the whole Wayland thing give me full screne zoom like compiz fusion's ezoom 23:18 prologic so we'll see :) 23:55 pdurbin does Wayland work yet?