Time Nick Message 01:14 pdurbin cruxybox 02:04 prologic heh 12:55 larsks prologic: Have you see alpine linux? Busybox + a package manager...but not related to crux. 12:55 larsks It makes for great minimal docker images. 13:09 prologic not sure if I have 13:09 prologic got a link? 13:13 pdurbin huh. "Alpine uses its own package management system, apk-tools" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpine_Linux 13:19 prologic ta 21:25 pdurbin prologic: fancy new stuff. I had never heard of https://matt.ucc.asn.au/dropbear/dropbear.html nor http://troglobit.com/finit.html 21:32 prologic yeah :) 21:33 prologic all of which my os are using 21:33 prologic finit is great btw 21:33 prologic lovely init system 21:33 prologic my main concern now is a package manager 21:33 prologic but it's hard to decide on what language to write it in 21:33 pdurbin I'm not used to the new init systems. 21:33 prologic of all the alternative I've considered 21:33 prologic I think finit is the simplest t ouse and get your head around 21:34 prologic and has just the "right" number of features 21:34 prologic although I'm in talks with the dev to optionally drop inetd support 21:34 prologic and I'm not really using the plugin system either 21:37 pdurbin I guess the older init systems work well enough for me and my modest needs. 21:39 prologic sure they do :) 21:39 prologic you have no choice :) 21:39 prologic haha 21:41 pdurbin :) 21:41 pdurbin prologic: so wait, you're going to write a new package manager? 21:45 prologic yes 21:45 prologic I believe so 21:45 prologic and finding it hard to choose a decent language 21:45 prologic one that's not so low level that you spend all your time writing code and dealing with pointers 21:45 prologic but one that isn't so high level that when it's compiled or bundled it's just full of cruft and bloat 21:45 prologic e.g: 21:46 prologic A Go "Hello World!" yields you ~1.8MB alone 21:46 prologic throw in a few networking and http client libraries (i.e: a simple app to get the contents of a web uri) 5.6MB! 21:46 prologic makes me think Go is worthless as a systems programming language with such hugh runtime dependenices 21:46 pdurbin I just read an interesting article about rewriting a C++ program/service in Go. It wasn't all good news. 21:47 prologic yeah 21:47 prologic nevermind any other pitfalls of Go 21:47 prologic so I'm not really favouring Go at this point for a no. of reasons 21:47 prologic I'd no sooner write it all in Python 21:47 prologic and just bundle it with pyinstaller 21:47 prologic which ends up like 21:47 prologic hello: 4.2MB 21:47 prologic get: 5.2MB 21:48 prologic and that's by adding the requests library 21:48 pdurbin "I feel the outcome was suboptimal" https://togototo.wordpress.com/2015/03/07/fulfilling-a-pikedream-the-ups-of-downs-of-porting-50k-lines-of-c-to-go/ 21:48 * prologic reads 22:41 prologic so 22:41 prologic we're going with the name: Val 22:41 prologic Val LInux 22:41 prologic https://github.com/vallinux/base 22:51 pdurbin prologic: short for Valhalla? 23:04 prologic no 23:04 prologic Swedish for "Choice" 23:04 prologic Val is the Linux that lets you choose! 23:04 prologic :) 23:04 prologic we'll likely have packages for all common things you'd expect 23:04 prologic XFCE, GNOME, KDE, etc 23:05 prologic still trying to get integrated Docker into it to 23:05 prologic why not :) 23:05 prologic but need to work out a few dependency issues 23:06 prologic mkfs.ext4 (default fs used by devmapepr) 23:06 prologic and iptables 23:33 pdurbin prologic: ah so it can be a desktop. or for a laptop. (I see an issue for wifi support.) not just for servers 23:45 prologic *nods* 23:46 prologic we're just re-inventing the wheel so to speak I guess 23:46 prologic and redoing some decisions other distros have made 23:46 prologic :) 23:46 prologic haha 23:46 pdurbin prologic: what's wrong with CRUX? 23:47 prologic nothing per say 23:48 prologic but recent poor communications from the core dev team has led me to this 23:48 prologic all over a silly thing really 23:48 prologic the introduction of start-stop-daemon from debign 23:48 prologic it had the potential to break live systems if you werne't careful 23:48 prologic luckily I caught the change in time 23:48 prologic also our aging SysVInit usage 23:49 prologic and whilst CRUX's ports and package utliite s are awesome and great 23:49 prologic it does get a bit tedious sometimes 23:49 prologic it would be better IHMO to support the CRUX style Pkgfile(s) and ports 23:49 prologic but have first class support for binary packages 23:49 prologic built form those sources 23:49 prologic so we intend to remain compatible in that sense with CRUX 23:49 prologic compatible with their Pkgfile format 23:49 prologic and the built packages they produce 23:49 prologic essentially TGZ 23:51 pdurbin so it's kind of a fork of CRUX 23:54 prologic cool 23:54 prologic Val builds perfectly on Debian/Ubuntu 23:54 prologic not a fork as such 23:54 prologic probably more a variant 23:54 prologic we actually haven't forked CRUX in any way :) 23:55 prologic we may possibly be compatible with Arch's PKGBUILD and packages too 23:55 prologic I mean why not right :) 23:55 prologic leverage other people's hard work :) 23:55 prologic so the package manager will have to be quite resilient and smart 23:56 pdurbin gonna support rpms and debs too? 23:56 prologic in theory we could 23:56 prologic but probably not in the early stages 23:56 prologic reason being is they are more complex package formats 23:56 prologic whereas CRUX and Arch share the same package format really 23:56 prologic TGZ / Tarballs 23:57 prologic and if you recall Arch's PKGBUILD is a direct deriviate of CRUX's Pkgfile 23:57 pdurbin ah. didn't know that 23:57 prologic we're going to support the same Pkgfile directly 23:57 prologic btu with some backwards compatible changes 23:57 prologic yeah 23:57 prologic Arch is basically CRUX in every way 23:57 prologic they didn't fork CRUX though 23:57 prologic but they learned enough about CRUX"s internals to build what Arch is today 23:58 prologic we watched their development happen 23:58 prologic and the original authors asking lots of questions in #crux 23:58 prologic :) 23:58 prologic quite a few years ago now