Time Nick Message 13:07 pdurbin "We’ve received a Xen Security Advisory that requires us to update a portion of our Amazon EC2 fleet... These updates must be completed by March 10, 2015 before the underlying issues we are addressing are made public." https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/maintenance-2015-03/ 13:49 prologic So I've created a new Linux Distro / OS 13:49 prologic it's still early but the prototype works quite nicely in qemu so far 13:49 prologic Need a good name for it though :) 13:50 pdurbin crux! 13:50 prologic lol 13:50 prologic taken :) 13:50 pdurbin d'oh! 13:51 prologic ideas welcome 13:51 prologic https://github.com/therealprologic/pos 13:51 prologic temporary codename :) 13:52 pdurbin so it's busybox with some stuff on top 13:53 prologic sure 13:54 prologic if that's the way you want to think of it :) 13:54 prologic I'm still weighing up options for a package manager 13:54 prologic but I may have to write my own 13:54 prologic Slackware's is pretty close to what I need/want 13:54 prologic But the general idea here is that the core system is quite minimal 13:54 prologic when you install what you need via packages 13:55 prologic And we're going with finit as our init 13:59 pdurbin we? 14:01 prologic 2 on the project so far 14:01 prologic tentative 2 others :) 14:02 pdurbin ah 19:34 pdurbin prologic: busycrux 23:17 prologic hah