Time Nick Message 11:43 pdurbin my SMS history is magically back. I also noticed that the Hangouts app updated itself. long live Android, I guess. 21:22 pdurbin any recommendations for something like http://dataprobe.com/iboot.html or http://amzn.to/1x0s4kY or http://www.digital-loggers.com/lpc.html ? 21:37 bene those are from abcd today 21:42 pdurbin yeah 21:42 bene don't like your options? 21:42 bene i thought that was some museum guy asking? 21:43 pdurbin I just thought maybe someone here would have opinions. 21:43 bene that digital loggers one looks okay for non-rack use 21:44 bene you can probably buy an addressable PDU off ebay for the same money and get more ports/higher power use 21:44 pdurbin yeah, from the picture it sure didn't look like it'd go in a rack 21:46 pdurbin I don't even remember what we used. The vendors kept buying each other. 21:47 bene apc and tripp lite 21:47 bene that's mostly what we have for rack mounted PDUs 21:47 pdurbin avocent. that was it. they worked fine, I guess 21:47 bene there may be a stray belkin in there? 21:48 pdurbin http://avocent.com seems to redirect to http://emersonnetworkpower.com 21:48 bene we have avocent KVMs 21:49 bene if you port scanner them with the right flags, they reboot 21:49 pdurbin heh 21:49 bene s/scanner/scan 21:49 pdurbin it's a feature! 21:49 bene it's like built in PDU! 21:49 bene KVM locked up? TCP FIN scan your avocent for perform a warm reset! 21:50 bene what is up with my brain today 21:50 bene all those connector words are coming out wrong 21:50 pdurbin bene: I didn't even read your rant yesterday. I'll catch up at some point. 21:51 bene was i ranting? 21:52 pdurbin bellyaching maybe :) 21:52 bene i'm just tellin' like it is, man 21:52 pdurbin heh 21:52 pdurbin I can't make this shit up. 21:53 pdurbin right now I'm catching up on (skimming) http://irclog.greptilian.com/rest/2015-03-06 21:54 pdurbin as I drink a beer on a day I took vacation to hand a wad of cash to some plumbers. problem fixed at least 21:54 * pdurbin knocks on wood 21:54 bene plumbers are the worst 21:55 bene they're all failed carpenters 21:55 pdurbin meh, these guys were fine. and the cost will be split 3 ways