Time Nick Message 01:46 bene vbox + vagrant, iterm 2, homebrew, firefox and chrome, xrg is a nice resource meter thingy (cpu, mem, disk, etc) 01:47 bene with iterm i blow up windows to the full monitor size and then horizontal/vertical splits and the jump focus key bound to alt-h/j/k/l 01:48 bene so it feels a bit like the awesome window manager 02:24 bene http://40.media.tumblr.com/2cf14ab38df877e38193186c8f82c282/tumblr_nknqsotMYj1syx7edo1_1280.jpg <- boston map with the original shoreline drawn in 02:29 pdurbin a bit of a non sequitur there but nice map 02:32 bene heh, mischan 02:32 bene E_TOOMANYIRSSIWINDOWS 02:47 pdurbin :)