Time Nick Message 00:21 * pdurbin hears crickets 01:38 bear rbase is old school relational database stuff 01:39 bear *old* school 01:40 bear it was the oracle of the day - back when everyone was using dBase files and the like - if you wanted business level you used R:Base 01:40 bear R:Base went on to cause other form/query database systems to be created 01:41 bear it's report form template language was the base for things like Access 01:56 pdurbin bear: would you recommend it for a project in 2015? 01:57 bear in a wierd way yes, because if they have legacy requirements... 01:57 bear technically it's still a valid relation database - just not internet scale, talking about internal enterprise network stuff 01:57 bear IMO it's the same as someone asking to use MSSQL 01:58 bear the reason to use it is the same as to not use it - do they have in house rbase dba's? 02:00 pdurbin or a lot of code written around it maybe 02:02 bear yea, as a sql style database it's just as modern as any of the non-internet sql dbases 02:02 bear I just hadn't seen it in use in decades (but I also haven't done enterprise app dbase work in decades) 02:04 bear we have a current client that we are doing some tech debt archeology for - they are using 2008 era MSSQL 02:09 pdurbin that I've heard of at least 15:25 dotplus heck, I'm not sure if I should say this in a logged channel, because I don't ever want to be a MSFT apologist. But actually MSSQL can be a valid choice in certain situations, especially in combination with Visual Studio. At least the modern versions allow (some) people to get Valuable Work Done. 15:26 dotplus whether they would have been better off learning the unix tools from the beginning and walking that path is, of course, up for (futile) debate. 18:42 bear (dotplus said what I was trying to say in a much cleaner manner) 19:25 pdurbin https://about.gitlab.com/2015/03/03/gitlab-acquires-gitorious/ 19:25 bear yea 21:50 semiosis i hope they didnt pay too much. gitorious was pretty crappy 21:50 semiosis and gitlab is beyond amazing 22:07 bene gitlab is pretty nice 22:07 bene i set up an in-house server for us 23:04 semiosis thinking about switching to my mac mini at work for daily use. any tips or must-have apps I should know about? 23:05 semiosis are there any task management apps, window switchers, terminal/IRC stuff, etc that you can't live without on your macs? 23:06 prologic what do you guys think about a tiny linux distro with busybox built against uclibc, kernel, finit and a package manager written in python (bundled statically)? 23:07 prologic oh and probably dropbear 23:07 prologic total size might come in at ~20-30MB 23:07 prologic might also throw Docker in there too for good measure by default 23:09 semiosis well i use openwrt, that's similar to what you describe 23:14 bear for osx - iTerm2, Textual and then anything else you need via homebrew 23:15 prologic so no :) 23:15 prologic abandon the idea :) 23:17 semiosis bear: thanks 23:19 bear I use homebrew to install the latest openssl, python, node, git and wget for example 23:19 bear if you point homebrew to install into your user dir you don't muc with system versions of them 23:27 semiosis do you use any alternative apps for the mac os desktop? finder alternative? app switchers? etc? 23:27 semiosis i'm used to kde and all of its power gui features :) 23:27 bear not really - I tend to use mine as a fancy terminal host 23:28 bear albert has a lot of use at our office 23:28 semiosis albert? 23:28 bear oops - http://www.alfredapp.com/ 23:28 semiosis ah 23:29 semiosis cool, thanks 23:30 bear oh, and it's worth buying vmware for your mac if your going to do any vagrant work 23:31 semiosis i'm going to be doing a LOT of vagrant work 23:31 bear the speed difference between free and paid is well worth 23:31 semiosis what about virtualbox? 23:31 bear we avoid it 23:31 semiosis hmmm 23:32 semiosis i see several vmware editions, which do you recommend? 23:32 semiosis fusion? pro? workstation? 23:33 semiosis tbh i'll probably try vbox first, it's been great for me on linux 23:33 bear vmware fusion 7.1.1 23:34 bear the biggest difference is speed, but with a new mini you may not notice it at first 23:34 semiosis it's the last gen mini, but it's fast 23:34 bear I keep asking my coworker to write a blog post on all the pain points but we've all been hyper busy 23:41 pdurbin semiosis: you're giving up your beloved kubuntu?!? 23:45 semiosis pdurbin: i can't let my ideology get in the way. these days i'm less interested in "using linux" and more interested in doing awesome shit. my linux desktop obsession is getting in the way 23:46 semiosis first i'll switch over at work, then maybe down the road switch over at home too 23:46 semiosis we'll see how it goes 23:46 pdurbin oh at work, forget it. I use a mac, of course :) 23:46 pdurbin I have shit to do. 23:46 semiosis srsly! 23:47 pdurbin and I'm not going to be "that guy" ... the only one who runs linux 23:48 semiosis ha 23:49 semiosis pdurbin: any response to my mac apps question? 23:50 semiosis pdurbin: what hypervisor do you use with vagrant on your mac? 23:50 pdurbin um. I like having an extra terminal app installed: iTerm2 23:50 pdurbin semiosis: virtualbox 23:52 pdurbin I use Adium to log into gtalk or whatever they call it now