Time Nick Message 03:12 pdurbin semiosis: I opened index.html and I see buildings. 03:15 pdurbin I guess I don't get it. I would just use an tag. :) 16:15 semiosis pdurbin: http://engineering.flipboard.com/2015/02/mobile-web/ 16:16 semiosis we're building a slideshow app to display photos/videos from our API on TVs through chromecast 16:17 semiosis we've got to handle thousands of images, moving around the screen, fading in & out, etc 16:17 semiosis the DOM is too slow for a beautiful experience 16:18 semiosis react-canvas (and similar canvas wrapper libs) let us do that with GPU acceleration & no DOM CPU overhead 16:18 semiosis or very little DOM CPU overhead 16:18 semiosis that's the promise anyway :) 18:55 skay pdurbin: do you know any people who would want to be a sysadm at Fermilab? My friend works there and her group is hiring 18:55 skay pdurbin: she loves the place. she even moved to the suburbs for it 18:56 skay pdurbin: "My team manages scientific workstations, data acquisition (DAQ) computers for physics experiments, and maintains the Scientific Linux distribution." 18:57 * skay grumpy about suburbs since I don't see her as often