Time Nick Message 01:50 pdurbin semiosis: am I linking to botbot logs wrong? https://botbot.me/freenode/pyladies/msg/32673261/ 15:45 semiosis pdurbin: link worked for me 15:47 pdurbin semiosis: after clicking https://botbot.me/freenode/pyladies/msg/32666571/ you can scroll down past "such a good show"? 15:47 semiosis nope 15:48 pdurbin me neither :( 15:48 pdurbin pagination is hard I guess 15:48 semiosis pdurbin: ask in #lincolnloop 15:49 semiosis they're nice folks 15:49 pdurbin good to know 21:38 semiosis so i just started my first nodejs project and wow, this is a serious language platform 21:41 pdurbin serious good? 21:44 pdurbin large ecosystem, I assume you mean 22:22 semiosis https://github.com/semiosis/react-canvas-browser-example 22:22 semiosis that took me a few hours to figure out 22:22 semiosis there's command line tools, libraries, compilers 22:22 semiosis sophisticated stuff! 22:22 semiosis reminds me of ruby 22:23 semiosis much more complicated than PHP 22:24 semiosis my engineering team is mentoring a student at FIU and we've charged him with building a slideshow app for chromecast 22:24 semiosis we want to use react-canvas as the rendering engine 23:29 pdurbin semiosis: nice readme 23:34 semiosis thx! 23:34 pdurbin I'm feeding a hungry kid or I'd try it right now. 23:36 pdurbin I've kind of considered getting into node by contributing to a useful command line app.