Time Nick Message 13:26 pdurbin only one retweet. oh well 14:49 pdurbin nice! http://someguyontheinter.net/blog/github-third-party-application-access/ 15:17 pdurbin bear: thanks for the retweet! :) 15:17 bear :) 15:46 pdurbin someone walked by and suggested adding this to the blog post http://i669.photobucket.com/albums/vv57/gudsrost/My%20GIFs/Ren-and-Stimpy-red-button-anim2.gif :) 17:49 dotplus pdurbin: re: jekyll. If you're looking at a new static site generator, I would encourage you to look at http://gohugo.io 18:41 pdurbin dotplus: thanks. I was just wanting to post that blog post on GitHub Pages, which uses Jekyll. 21:14 semiosis https://twitter.com/joewalnes/status/568890807375306753 21:16 pdurbin semiosis: heh 21:16 pdurbin oh cool, some feedback from a githubber on my post: https://github.com/mozillascience/site/issues/11#issuecomment-75589627 21:18 semiosis nice 21:20 pdurbin "if an org member has read-only access, the app will not have write access to that org's repo for the user" 21:20 pdurbin hmm 21:20 pdurbin I still find the screen confusing and scary. Where I'm prompted to authorize an app. 21:22 skay hi, do any of you have experience getting xdummy working in a docker container? friend of friend who is working on an academic project in reproducible research in robots is having troubles 21:22 skay oh hi marcoceppi, I think I recognize you from juju 21:23 pdurbin skay: careful. you might wake up marcoceppi. he doesn't talk much ;) 21:24 pdurbin skay: codex and prologic and hydrajump know a thing or two about docker 21:25 skay pdurbin: I could forward the email to you, and you could perhaps share it with friends who might be able to help 21:25 * pdurbin hates email 21:26 skay bwahaha ok 21:26 codex skay: some more info -- what's the trouble? 21:26 skay I hate phone calls more 21:26 pdurbin skay: can you pastebin it? 21:26 skay sure 21:27 codex also, have you tried existing: https://github.com/bencawkwell/dockerfile-xpra 21:27 skay sorry for the horrible formatting http://paste.ubuntu.com/10377940/ 21:29 codex skay: I pasted the commands for your dockerfile that you need, here: 21:29 codex http://pastebin.com/9MmtHv5D 21:29 skay codex: I have not. I don't know if Jon has, I'll pass it along to him 21:29 codex sub "saucy" with another version --> all this assumes running Ubuntu 21:35 skay thanks codex, I'm passing along the information to him. 21:35 skay and also pointed him to #sciencelab on mozilla's irc servers along with their discussion group. might help him later when he has more questions 21:36 skay some of the folks who are loosely connected there do work in reproducible research and containers and/or vms 21:36 prologic lol a thing or two :) 21:36 prologic hmm 21:36 * skay mostly uses lxc along with juju 21:37 codex docker is mostly just lxc :) 21:37 codex "sort of kind of, not anymore" 21:37 prologic ihmo docker is a better user expeirence and ecosystem :) 21:37 codex with a really nice config engine on top and a ton of methodologies 21:37 prologic it is what lxc is 21:37 prologic but not lxc 21:38 prologic it interfaces with the same kernel calls 21:38 prologic yeah :) 21:38 codex I think docker officially split off of LXC 100%, but yea, same calls underneath 21:38 prologic like I said very nice ecosystem 21:38 prologic they split off from using lxc lib back in 0.7.x something 21:38 codex what I can't understand is why openvz never became this popular 21:38 prologic which made sense anyway 21:38 prologic code to the kernel 21:38 prologic not even drive 21:38 codex it seems to be the best of both worlds -- light like containers, but still full VMs 21:38 prologic and not the right time I think 21:39 prologic it's all about timing and marketing sometimes 21:39 prologic have the right idea at the right time 21:39 codex that's true 21:39 prologic that's how some make millions 21:39 marcoceppi pdurbin: skay o/ 21:39 prologic whilst others like us just make a living 21:39 skay o/ 21:39 prologic anyway work time 21:40 prologic skay if you need to know anything in detail about Docker from a usage pov hit me up 21:40 skay prologic: sure thing 21:40 skay if you are in the midwest consider talking to #chicagolug about it. I am looking to see if someone from marcoceppi's team would like to give us a talk and it would be on topic in that case 21:41 skay hi marcoceppi! I've been learning the juju ecosystem and thought it would be interested to talk to my group about it and then figured, why not ask you guys 21:41 skay I've been emailing back and forth 21:42 marcoceppi skay: sounds cool 21:42 marcoceppi We dont really have anyone in the Chicago area though 21:43 skay marcoceppi: yeah, a couple of you said they might ride the train in 21:43 marcoceppi I'm on an airplane ATM, I'll ping you in a bit 21:43 skay k, later 21:44 prologic unfortunately I'm from the AU 21:44 prologic :) 21:44 skay :)