Time Nick Message 05:47 bene everyone has kegs in the office 05:47 bene that's de rigeur these days 05:47 bene the real question is: what brews do you have on tap? 05:48 bene :-) 15:09 dotplus bene: Seriously? don't drink beer myself, so I don't pay attention, but scrollback says the last mention of a refill was 'Sam Adams Cold Snap'. Presumably that's considered to be somewhere between "decent" and "good"? But they'll get requests. Most of the long time folks are whisky drinkers and/or connoisseurs so that's where they make effort. 15:10 dotplus heck, they bought a nice bottle of port so I could join in when I visited. 15:12 dotplus of course, all this makes us sound lke a bunch of pissheads, which is entirely untrue. Most people almost never drink anything at during most of the week's regular hours. perhaps a glass when tying up loose ends at the end of the day/week or if working late or for a non-technical meeting or whatever. 15:31 bene it's a sorta serious comment 15:32 bene if companies are touting "office beer" as a benefit or tool for recruiting employees, then what the beer is matters to some people 15:32 bene the de rigeur comment it absolutely true 15:32 bene i go to several boston area tech meetups and _everyone's office_ has kegs now 15:33 bene http://tyr.websages.com:8334/ 15:33 bene aka, http://puppetlabs.com/beer 15:34 bene http://www.boston.com/business/technology/innoeco/2013/08/how_gsn_digitals_employees_got.html <- that's our version 16:00 dotplus back to topic: are any #crimsonfu members or acquaintances up for a (telecommute?) job in infrastructure engineering/automation or as a dev to work on openstack? If yes, then I'm pretty sure I can show you that we're worth having a serious conversation with. 22:26 melodie good night