Time Nick Message 13:00 pdurbin dotplus: "challenged" let's say :) 13:00 pdurbin anyway 13:00 pdurbin what do people think of this? https://github.com/mozillascience/site/commit/0456491dbd8627757f85ecf1076f6fb534bdab68#commitcomment-9748672 13:03 pdurbin is anyone here an "owner" of an organization on GitHub? 14:43 dotplus pdurbin: yes 15:37 pdurbin dotplus: and is your organization mentioned when you go to http://www.mozillascience.org/auth/github ? 15:37 pdurbin and if you hover over the green checkmark does it say "This organization allows the application to access private organization data and modify public organization data."? 16:10 pdurbin confirmation that others see the same thing: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/linuxvillage/2015-02-14 20:17 pdurbin and yet, the login via github at http://forum.mozillascience.org is not scary 20:25 bene i think you should open an issue 20:26 bene commit comments are not a forum for conversation i think 21:40 pdurbin yeah 21:40 pdurbin bene: so do you think it's an odd default too? on the github side? 22:07 bene no idea 22:19 pdurbin bene: lemme know your github username if you have time for a quick experiment 22:27 pdurbin or anyone :) 22:29 bene bpeisenbraun 22:31 pdurbin bene: thanks. I invited you to join https://github.com/orgs/crimsonfu/teams/oauth-test 22:42 pdurbin bene: please let me know when you've joined :)