Time Nick Message 17:20 semiosis pdurbin: chromecast! i use it with google play music all access. it's amazing 17:23 bear chromecast and roku is what I use 17:23 bear the latest roku has a usb port for external devices 17:47 pdurbin what if I buy a laptop that has a DVD player (non-Apple, these days). Can I send the DVN audio/video via the Chromecast to the TV/projector? 17:48 semiosis no 17:48 bear chromecast is the receiver so unless the dvd can be played in a browser - no 17:48 bear that's why plex is so useful 17:50 pdurbin hmm. well, I need a way to get a DVD signal to the big screen/stereo. right now I plug a DVD player into my projector with svideo and into the stero with those normal right/white left/right connectors for audio 17:50 bene you can airplay the dvd from an os x machine with a dvd player 17:50 bene if you're really going to use dvds as the source, you should just buy a dvd player 17:51 semiosis i use a receiver to switch between hdmi inputs. one has the chromecast, one has a long cable for my laptop, one has my old desktop pc which i use for DVDs 17:51 semiosis that's nice because i can use the chromecast with the speakers without having the TV on (it heats up the room) 17:51 bene they're like $25 17:52 pdurbin hmm. well, OS X machines with DVD players are disappearing. I guess I could plug an external DVD thing into a modern Apple machine that lacks an optical drive. but that's more wires and the requirements state that there should be as few wires as possible. preferrably none. :) 17:52 bene given the simplicity and "just works" requirement, if the sources are dvds, you should buy a dvd player 17:53 bene 4 star models with 1000+ reviews for $25 on amazon 17:54 bear i've wanted to explore hooking up a usb dvd player to a roku 17:54 bene why would you not connect it directly to the tv? 17:54 pdurbin I don't have a TV. I have an old projector. 17:54 bene same thing 17:55 bene if the projector only has 1 input, then you need to get an av receiver 17:55 bene these are first world problems 17:55 semiosis i guess pdurbin wants something to split the audio out before going into the projector 17:55 pdurbin yeah, like semiosis is talking about 17:55 semiosis hence my hdmi switching receiver 17:55 bear hdmi switching receiver solves a *lot* of small problems 17:56 semiosis i was lucky to find a clearance sale by sherbourn and picked up a very high end receiver (though an older model) brand new for cheap 17:56 pdurbin it's almost like the desire is that all the "switching" would be done by using different apps on a laptop. stick a DVD in and play it. open up netflix in a browser and play it. open iphoto and look at some pictures. ideally, there is no receiver, it would seem 17:57 bene so apple tv then and airplay 17:57 bene mirror your desktop to the projector and run whatever audio/video you like 17:57 semiosis i really like being able to control the music through chromecast from the google play app on the phone 17:57 semiosis that's a killer app imho 17:57 bene use airparrot for $20 to connect a windows machine to the atv 17:58 bene ah, you can do that with the chromecast too i think 17:58 bene play a chrome tab to the device? 17:59 pdurbin bene: I think that's right. Apple TV + AirPlay. No desktops though, I guess. Has to be a laptop, I think. And I don't think I can buy a new MacBook with an optical drive. 17:59 bene no 18:00 bene you can't buy any apple model with a built in optical drive these days 18:00 pdurbin right 18:00 semiosis pdurbin: get a mac mini, external dvd drive, wireless keyboard & mouse. there you go. 18:00 pdurbin semiosis: yeah, maybe that 18:00 semiosis wireless keyboard & mouse is way better than handling a laptop 18:01 semiosis logitech makes a nice, cheap, keyboard with touchpad 18:01 semiosis batteries last for ever 18:02 pdurbin so if I go the mac mini route, I guess I don't need a chromecast 18:02 semiosis or the hdmi switching receiver 18:02 pdurbin yeah. would need an apple tv for airplay 18:02 semiosis although you'd need some way to get the audio out. perhaps a usb audio interface 18:03 pdurbin I think airplay does audio. 18:03 bene naw, just connect the mini straight to the projector 18:03 bene skip the airplay bit entirely and make everything more reliable 18:03 semiosis bene: where do the speakers plug in then? 18:03 semiosis prjector audio output? 18:03 bene to the mini 18:04 pdurbin bene: yeah, you're right 18:04 bene or the projector if it can take hdmi audio 18:04 bene not sure minis have hdmi directly actually 18:04 semiosis they do 18:04 semiosis but headphone jack audio? yuck 18:04 pdurbin I guess for now I could even keep the current projector. buy a dongle to downgrade whatever comes out of the mac mini into VGA or svideo 18:05 semiosis they make hdmi converters that give you digitial audio output + vga 18:05 semiosis never tried one, but it might do the trick 18:05 pdurbin semiosis: I have a requirement to get rid of the large receiver anyway. Yucky but headphone jack audio will probably be ok. 18:06 semiosis yeah, i guess. i'm a bit of an audiophile so i went a bit overboard to get excellent audio quality 18:06 bene apple specs say that minijack out on the mini can do digital out 18:06 semiosis ooh nice! 18:06 semiosis imho a good DAC is the most important component for sound quality 18:07 pdurbin I don't know that *I* would be thrilled about controlling this whole "experience" via a keyboard and mouse but whatever. :) I'd probably optimize for control via a phone or tablet. Oh well. Requirements are requirements. :) 18:07 bene http://www.neyrinck.com/news/96-tech-blog-mac-headphone-optical-digital-audio-output 18:09 semiosis pdurbin: controlling a computer with a remote is a pain. gotta map the keys for all your apps, etc. 18:10 bene http://www.amazon.ca/Velocity-Digital-Optical-Cable-Mini-Jack/dp/B0002JFN10 <- good pic of the cable 18:10 bene i've never seen one of those 18:10 semiosis i have a dac that uses that connector for optical input. it came with a mini to standard toslink adapter. 18:10 bene so if you poke your mac in the right place, it will shoot a laser at you 18:12 pdurbin semiosis: yeah 18:15 pdurbin I wonder if you can buy an external bluray player that hooks into a mac mini. 18:19 semiosis any usb bluray should work, right? 18:19 pdurbin bear: the idea of hooking a dvd player to a roku via usb is interesting 18:19 bene i have an external blu ray drive for my mini 18:19 pdurbin bene: cool. just thinking of future requirements :) 18:19 bear yea, just to see if the hacked version of plex that is behind the roku interface will grok it 20:15 semiosis http://phpbard.tumblr.com/post/108747782265/bubble-a-parody-of-trouble-by-coldplay-about 21:22 hydrajump semiosis: yep 21:22 hydrajump for iOS 21:22 semiosis how awesome is it? 21:23 hydrajump very! I tried getting into Obj-C several times but never really got into it. With Swift it was fun and I was able to make a small app relativiley quickly. 21:23 hydrajump s/relativiley/relatively 21:35 semiosis obj-c is horrible 21:35 semiosis thanks for reassuring me. i'd like to try some ios/mac development but obj-c was always a blocker 21:45 hydrajump semiosis: i just do it on and off, but definitely enjoy it more than obj-c ;) 21:45 hydrajump semiosis: you want to use it for work or side-projects? 21:52 semiosis work mainly 21:53 semiosis we have an ios app that is kind of a mess. i'd like to rewrite it. 21:56 pdurbin semiosis: you gonna work on an android app too? 21:57 semiosis we also have an android app, yes, and it's in line for a refresh 21:58 semiosis i've worked on both of them, and while the android app is better, they are both showing their age and need to be updated with newer frameworks, etc 22:11 semiosis would be great to have a cross platform app but i dont think that's possible yet 22:12 prologic kivy comes to mind 22:12 prologic or phonegap 22:12 prologic these let you build cross-platform mobile apps 22:13 semiosis but... python 22:13 prologic but what? 22:13 prologic fyi I'm a Pythonista :) 22:13 semiosis i've tried but i just can't get excited about writing python 22:15 prologic oh well 22:15 pdurbin BURN HIM! 22:15 prologic *meh* 22:15 prologic I'm tired :) 22:15 prologic I cbf convincing a person to use a nice language :) 22:15 pdurbin s/BURN HIM/oh well/ 22:15 * prologic sips his coffee 22:16 semiosis i think we can all agree on coffee 22:16 prologic :) 22:16 prologic there are lots of languages, tools and frameworks 22:16 prologic they're all as good and as bad as each other really 22:16 prologic so do whatever :) 22:16 semiosis ok 22:17 prologic heh 22:24 semiosis sales guy asks if we can say our software is "In the cloud" ;( 22:26 prologic did you say "fuck no"? :) 22:26 prologic or wait 22:26 prologic "look outside mate?" 22:26 prologic "do you see those white things?" 22:27 semiosis haha 22:27 prologic "our software isn't in those things!" 22:27 prologic silly bsstards 22:27 prologic why can't we just damn well call it for what it is 22:27 prologic "Our software runs on xyz servers located in abc DC" 22:27 prologic blah 22:56 pdurbin the cloud is any server room I haven't stepped foot in 23:02 prologic haha 23:02 prologic that's a clever way of putting it :) 23:03 prologic I suppose if Docker get theri way we'll be calling things "Oceans" 23:03 prologic :) 23:03 prologic "Our xyz software is in the ocean!" 23:04 pdurbin I forget where I heard that. 23:04 pdurbin the cloud sounds better. they dump stuff in the ocean 23:09 semiosis clouds dump stuff in the ocean 23:12 prologic lol 23:13 prologic This could be a new trend guys 23:13 prologic we could be the ones to coin the new term :) 23:24 semiosis don't let your cloud provider dump you in the digital ocean! 23:24 semiosis our servers aren't just in the clouds, but completely above & beyond them!!! 23:27 prologic havens? 23:33 hydrajump silly question but when you run `ls -l` what does the number after the permissions mean, e.g. `drwxrwxr-x 3`? I googled and it said "number of links", but the directory doesn't have any links as far as I can tell 23:37 semiosis hydrajump: looks like number of subdirs, incl . & .. 23:38 semiosis oh, inode links, that makes sense 23:38 semiosis i think 23:38 hydrajump yeah looks right :P 23:41 pdurbin hard links 23:42 pdurbin https://www.gnu.org/software/coreutils/manual/html_node/What-information-is-listed.html 23:43 pdurbin this is where http://explainshell.com/explain?cmd=ls+-l falls down. this stuff is in "info" docs 23:50 hydrajump thanks pdurbin