Time Nick Message 17:12 pdurbin I need to figure out a better audio/video setup at home. Many requirements from loved ones. :) 18:20 bene heh 18:21 bene plex+roku for the video works great 18:22 bene and if you're ios users, then airport express or apple tvs for the audio and video is also a good combo 18:30 hydrajump apple tv + beamer app is awesome :D 18:31 pdurbin hmm. so not chromecast? 18:32 bene i suppose it depends on where your media is coming from 18:33 bene i.e. net streams or local storage 18:33 pdurbin the requirements seem to state that all media from everywhere should be supported. and no complexity, please 18:34 pdurbin "not like at our friends' house" 18:34 bene heh 18:34 pdurbin we know what we hate 18:34 bene are you ios or android or a mix? 18:36 pdurbin all android 18:36 bene so maybe chromecast makes more sense then 18:36 bene i'm less familiar with it 18:37 bene AFAICT everything is occasionally flaky and doesn't work 18:38 bene i bought a logitech harmony remote control 18:38 bene that cut down on a lot of the complexity 18:38 bene since you can program multiple devices to do the right thing with the press of a single button 18:38 bene and it's RF, so no aiming the remote at the TV for 15 seconds while all the IR commands are sent 18:39 bene which helps prevent the splitbrain issue where the receiver is on and the tv is not since someone moved the remote away too quickly 19:27 pdurbin sorry, wandered away to shovel. yeah, that harmony thing sounds nice if you don't have to worry about line of sight 19:28 pdurbin right now we're getting by with an old projector (no composite, no HDMI) but maybe it's time to buy a new one or a TV 19:33 pdurbin ok, ok, here's a picture of how bad it is: 19:33 pdurbin Confessing the sorry state of my audio/video situation to #crimsonfu at… - https://plus.google.com/+PhilipDurbin/posts/YEBib9JKRDC 19:35 pdurbin I sort of lashed the old projector upside down to a shelf on the wall with some yellow twine that happened to be in reach maybe six months ago. :) 19:36 pdurbin ok ok, maybe it's been over a year 19:37 pdurbin when we want to watch netflix on the projector I bring my laptop over and plug it in. (and to the stereo). at least I don't have to reboot into Windows these days. 19:45 pdurbin bene: I'm looking at https://plex.tv for the first time 19:46 pdurbin I've definitely heard good things about roku. 19:54 bene plex is slick if you have a computer with a bunch of media on it 19:55 bene i have a linux box in the basement with a few TB of stuff 19:56 bene i'm trying to get the joypad set up working properly on retropie today 19:56 pdurbin the thinking in this house seems to be that a laptop is desired that can stream to a big screen and nice speakers. the laptop should have a dvd drive. bluray has not yet been specified as a requirement 19:57 pdurbin bene: did you check out the picture? ^^ 19:57 bene i did 19:57 * pdurbin hangs head in shame 19:57 bene i saw some controllers on the shelf which is why i brought up the retropie thing 19:57 bene mine is cleaner because i got yelled at a lot :-) 19:58 bene the boys monopolize the tv anyway 19:58 bene i mostly watch stuff on my ipad and anna uses her laptop 19:58 pdurbin yeah. we might play some mario kart double dash in a bit. I finally got my hands on a memory stick so now we should be able to unlock the special cup 20:07 pdurbin I'll watch a whole movie on my phone sometimes. 20:09 pdurbin part of the thought is that the big screen could be used to look at family pictures too