Time Nick Message 12:58 project2501a ... system administration is hot right now, isn't? 12:59 project2501a ... which means that the bust cycle is due. Geoff at LISA13 was right. 13:15 pdurbin it does seem hotter than, say, 10 years ago 13:30 project2501a hey pdurbin 13:30 project2501a interview in 30' with center for brain science 13:47 pdurbin project2501a: break a leg. ask about the Pats and the snow :) 13:47 project2501a lol, thank you! 14:01 pdurbin pretty cool that I was able to stream the game for free. I don't remember being able to do that previous years 14:18 bene_ what did geoff say about system administration at LISA? 14:27 project2501a bene: system administration is gonna be a lot more programmatical, virtual and automated in the future 14:27 project2501a dang 14:28 project2501a harvard does not sponsor for cisas. 14:28 project2501a her visas 16:19 pdurbin bummer 16:19 pdurbin Snowshoes were a reliable way to get to the +Institute for Quantitative Social… - https://plus.google.com/u/1/+PhilipDurbin/posts/7vAsm5reg9v 16:55 semiosis pdurbin: WOW!!! 16:56 semiosis i'm amazed you all don't work from home in that kind of weather. is that dedication? or ... 17:12 * dotplus <3 permanent WFH 17:41 pdurbin semiosis: I'm just escaping the noise my kids make :) another snow day today :) 17:41 semiosis hah 23:02 semiosis slack is great. when someone says something dumb, instead of responding, i can just delete their message. 23:03 semiosis such a time saver! 23:05 pdurbin heh