Time Nick Message 15:03 dotplus did something happen in ##infra-talk? I haven't looked in there recently until just now. And there's no activity. According to my client, nothing for weeks, yet it claims 428 nicks in the channel. 16:19 pdurbin I haven't been in there for years. 16:46 dotplus well, are you still an infra chap? 16:46 dotplus unsurprisingly, it turns out my problem was pebkac. fat fingered a /ignore 16:48 pdurbin less so these days. this is my most recent infra project: https://github.com/IQSS/plaid 16:48 dotplus I don't pay much attention, but occasionally I have found utility there. I think that was where I first heard about test kitchen or vagrant or something 18:04 project2501a Hey guys! Some gentleman named Timothy M. O'Keefe from the Center for Brain Science is gonna talk to me on Monday! 18:04 project2501a thank you very much for all the helpful info! 18:19 dotplus champion, hope it works out 18:20 project2501a thank you! 18:48 pdurbin searchbot: lucky timothy o keefe harvard 18:48 searchbot pdurbin: http://cbs.fas.harvard.edu/science/core-facilities/neuroimaging/people 18:49 pdurbin hmm, I definitely know the name 18:57 project2501a pdurbin: the job description looks basically like they need a sysadmin that can code. 19:02 pdurbin yeah