Time Nick Message 17:24 pdurbin iTunes Connect Issue Causing Developers to Be Logged Into Wrong Accounts [Updated] - Mac Rumors - http://www.macrumors.com/2015/01/29/itunes-connect-developer-issue/ 18:13 dotplus guess who gets to learn Yet Another configuration mgmt tool? Ansible this time. 18:15 * pdurbin has heard good things about ansible 18:16 bene it's delightfully simple 18:22 hydrajump ansible is great and easy t learn ;) 18:49 dotplus So far (with <1 day of reading docs), my guess is that ansible makes it easy to get stuff done. My concern is how easy is it to do stuff _well_? 18:50 dotplus cross-platform, testable, scaled to hundreds of environments with hundreds of hosts in each, etc. etc. 18:50 bear having done good chef, puppet and ansible - it's just as hard/easy as the others 18:51 bear inventory management and role/task seperation is what I like about ansible 18:51 dotplus yeah, that doesn't surprise me much. they are hard problems. 18:52 bear your roles and tasks in ansible will have a lot of "when: ansible_os_family == 'RedHat'" 18:52 bear to handle the cross platform 18:52 bear and lines like - hosts: RedHat-7*:RedHat-6*:CentOS-7*:CentOS-6*:Ubuntu-12.04:Ubuntu-14.04 18:53 bear which means inventory data is important 18:55 dotplus hm? I don't think I get that hosts: line 18:56 bear ansible lets you declare what hosts are to be handled for a playbook - and it can contain wildcards 18:57 bear so if your inventory groups are by OS (which then lists what hosts are in each group) you can select by OS 18:57 bear so that line reads "gather all hosts that are in the groups RedHat-7* and RedHat-6* and CentOS-7* ..." 18:58 bear and then the tasks that follow the hosts line will be performed on them 18:59 dotplus oh I see, those are inventory groups not hostnames. now I understand. 19:02 bear yea, ansible can use host, groups and ip addresses for pattern matching 19:02 bear it then builds the host list from all that are matches 21:13 semiosis some awful bash for those of you with autoscaling instances in ec2... https://gist.github.com/semiosis/4489065 23:21 pdurbin whorka: you do some of that I think 23:21 pdurbin the autoscaling, not the awful bash