Time Nick Message 00:15 pdurbin what's weird is that the patch is two years old: https://sourceware.org/git/?p=glibc.git;a=commit;h=d5dd6189d506068ed11c8bfa1e1e9bffde04decd 00:17 pdurbin Bug 15014 – gethostbyname_r() returns EINVAL (22) instead of ERANGE (34) (CVE-2015-0235) - https://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=15014 04:23 hydrajump anyone use samba as a file server in a Windows environment instead of Windows Server? 04:29 prologic sure have in teh past 04:29 prologic works pretty well when configured properly 04:35 hydrajump prologic: getting permissions setup right is a PITA 04:39 prologic well not really IHMO 04:39 prologic but you probably want to use the attirbute stuff anyway 04:40 prologic and not rely on unix file system permissions 04:41 hydrajump right now I'm messing with these for share settings: `force create mode = 0660; create mask = 0777; directory 04:41 hydrajump mask = 0777; force directory mode = 0770` 04:41 hydrajump but you suggest configuring using Windows ACLs instead? 05:09 prologic yeah I recommend file attributes 05:09 prologic it'll only end in tears if you insist on using unix permissions 05:09 prologic yeap 05:10 prologic use the acl/attributes 05:11 hydrajump ok thanks for the advice prologic. 05:32 project2501a samba 3 or samba 4? 05:35 project2501a yeah, what prologic said. 11:25 pdurbin codex: ok, *now* I'm patched. I wasn't the only one wondering about the ETA of the patch: https://twitter.com/CentOS/status/560138182441070592 :) 15:34 dotplus prologic: I saw you committed to the proxmox api or was it something using the proxmox api? anyway, any chance you have a moment to help me understand where I'm going wrong in cloning a vm backed by ceph? 15:35 dotplus http://pastebin.com/0QmdJtzn is my code/error. 16:14 hydrajump project2501a: samba 4 21:26 prologic dotplus, just about ready to go to work but I'll have a look and get back to you 21:26 prologic I did do some work on a python library for accessing proxmox 21:31 dotplus no worries, I'll fawningly appreciate any assistance:) 21:59 prologic actually just took a look 21:59 prologic I'm not sure from what you've shown 21:59 prologic that *should* work :) 22:16 dotplus prologic: that's useful information as well! 22:16 dotplus helps me point the finger at our PVE install 22:18 dotplus anyway, time to step away from the screen.