Time Nick Message 23:50 project2501a Hey guys! My name is George. I am a systems administrator. 23:50 project2501a I joined the channel at dotplus' suggestion, after I mentioned in #lopsa that I applied for a job in Harvard. 23:50 project2501a He mentioned that I should introduce myself a bit and explain my background. 23:50 project2501a I'm from Greece. I have graduated from the US (NJIT/ Computer Science and Applied Math) 23:51 project2501a I have worked in the banking industry (Greece), retail (UK) and most recently in HPC in Academia (Saudi Arabia/KAUST) 23:52 project2501a I got experience with bioinformatics and visualisation - earned on the job but hard earned. 23:53 project2501a As i said, I have recently applied for a job in Harvard. To be precise, I have applied for three jobs: 23:54 project2501a 1. Scientific System Administrator : http://tinyurl.com/lln6jwc 23:55 project2501a 2. Senior DevOps Engineer http://tinyurl.com/kk5fvya 23:55 project2501a and 3. SRE http://tinyurl.com/pvrqqr4 23:56 project2501a I was wondering if any of you good ladies and gentlemen have any contacts with any of the hiring managers. 23:57 project2501a no 1. would be awesome to get, but not being a US citizen, I am kinda on the sort side of the stick. 23:59 project2501a meaning, I am at a disadvantage due to not being a US Citizen.