Time Nick Message 14:51 dotplus pdurbin: fink->macports->homebrew me too. Packaging systems suck, royally. I can't imagine how to cope if you actually have a serious number of OSX machines to support professionally. I guess you'd end up rolling your own or porting yum/apt/portage/something. 14:52 dotplus brew is definitely wins on the easy-to-use axis, and it's not bad on flexibility. but it's low on predictability, verifiability and other axes that matter for deplyments where n>"a couple" 14:53 pdurbin in general, once I install something with homebrew, I don't touch it. I'm a little scared to. 14:55 dotplus oh and unless I'm missing something it sucks on browseability. I should write a script that examines the list of available packages and extracts interesting metadata, especially version, short description, long description and links to details about how the package was built (perhaps just a link to the buildscript on github?) and the (docs) section of the project's website. 14:56 dotplus yeah, that's part of what I meant about predictability 14:56 dotplus it feels fragile 14:57 pdurbin that's why I don't run it as root. I install everything in ~/.homebrew 14:59 dotplus I don't really manage my osx (laptops) in any significant way, certainly not like how I manage services/machines that I'm paid to deal with. 15:00 dotplus I'm not as familiar although that's both cause and effect, of course. 15:23 bene there's an ansible module for driving homebrew 15:24 bene and the whole homebrew recipe/toolset is just a git repo 15:25 bene so a git pull to a specific tag and then a brew install with a specific package list should get you a similar environment across multiple machines 15:25 pdurbin bene: right. I clone the repo to ~/.homebrew 15:25 bene the reason to run homebrew as yourself is because os x machines are really single user machines 15:26 bene fink is already built on dpkg/apt and it's a horrorshow 15:26 bene and macports is mostly tcl based 15:26 bene so... yeah 15:26 bene pick your poison 15:27 bene but i've been pretty happy with homebrew 16:18 bene ls 16:19 bene . .. 16:19 bene CLEAR 16:35 semiosis dotplus: i've heard google uses puppet to manage their large fleet of macs 16:35 pdurbin me too 16:36 semiosis i installed imagemagick with homebrew yesterday and it worked great 16:42 dotplus semiosis: yeah, there was a LISA paper about managing macs at scale that I think was from google. I've also heard they ~hate managing them. 17:05 hydrajump these are some of the tools to manage macs "Autopkg + Munki + Sal + Facter + WebHelpDesk + DeployStudio" 22:40 semiosis APIs that take schemaless XML via a form encoded post parameter really grind my gears. 23:08 pdurbin mmmm, schemaless 23:08 pdurbin like json 23:26 semiosis this API can take json instead of xml, but that too has to be formencoded & passed as a post parameter :( 23:33 pdurbin semiosis: application/x-www-form-urlencoded ? 23:33 semiosis yep 23:33 semiosis how browsers submit forms 23:33 pdurbin ew 23:34 semiosis APIs like these give PHP a bad name 23:34 pdurbin :)