Time Nick Message 17:31 hydrajump anyone on Mac OS X using `vim` as their editor instead of GUI editors such as Sublime or Atom? 17:47 * semiosis points at pdurbin 17:50 * dotplus raises hand 17:51 semiosis bonus points if you're using vim through tmux 17:51 semiosis on a retina display 17:51 semiosis ahahahaha 17:55 bene heh 17:55 bene all of those things apply to me 17:56 hydrajump i'm giving `vim` a try for the first time. 17:57 semiosis bene: please at least tell me those tmux/vim sessions are remote 17:57 bene hydrajump: you were an emacs person before? 17:57 hydrajump semiosis: what does tmux give you 17:57 hydrajump bene: nope always GUI editor, e.g. started with sublime and then atom 17:58 semiosis hydrajump: what kind of work are you doing? programming? sysadmin? 17:58 semiosis tmux is a terminal multiplexer. it's like screen. lets you manage multiple terminal "windows" in a session, basically. 17:59 hydrajump semiosis: ah ok used screen before. 17:59 hydrajump semiosis: a combination devops 18:01 bene i also run mutt on my MBP 18:02 bene but i'm a bit of a masochist i suppose 18:02 hydrajump but you guys stick to terminal vim and don't use macvim. vimr, neovim? 18:03 bene terminal 18:05 semiosis i just get endless laughs out of using that fancy hardware and "the world's most advanced operating system" to do tmux/vim 18:07 hydrajump hehe 18:07 hydrajump next step is to run debian/ubuntu on your Mac instead of OS X :P 18:08 hydrajump https://twitter.com/frazelledazzell/status/556014610092797952 <-- Docker dev runs debian jessie on Mac 18:17 bene that never made sense to me 18:18 bene the beautiful thing about os x is the tight integration with the hardware 18:18 bene the hardware is very nice kit, and then with os x, the media keys always work, the touchpad has super nice responsiveness/control, the power management is fantastic, etc 18:18 bene and you lose all that by putting linux on the same hardware 18:18 * bene shrugs 18:19 hydrajump very true. however lately the beauty of os x is questionable. I hope they start getting things fixed before adding more features 18:19 hydrajump i'm on 10.9.5. won't touch yosemite until I see improvements 18:19 bene the last couple of releases have been glitchy 18:20 bene my work machines are on 10.9 and the home machines on 10.10 18:20 bene ubuntu 14.04 lts on the 6 year old macpro at work is pretty solid 18:25 hydrajump yeah I run ubuntu server 14.04 and it works great for those use cases. 18:42 pdurbin hydrajump: semiosis is right. I don't use a GUI version of vim 18:42 pdurbin this works fine in the command line: https://github.com/pdurbin/vim-tsv :) 18:45 pdurbin whorka: I have a sticker for you to remind you to go to this tonight: https://plus.google.com/u/1/+AsheeshLaroia/posts/cgf2d3Tmus1 :) a sticker of the sand cat from https://sandstorm.io 18:48 hydrajump if anyone is looking for a new phone https://oneplus.net/ 18:49 hydrajump today no invites needed 18:52 hydrajump or if you want a secure phone https://blackphone.ch/ 19:21 semiosis i dont always use an editor, but when i do it's vim in a terminal (a Konsole terminal, of course, because KDE) 19:21 semiosis more often though i'm in intellij idea. i'm even using it for puppet now. 19:34 bene awww 19:35 bene i thought the second half of the "i don't always use an editor" joke was going to be "but when i do, i use ed(1)." 19:47 * bear hugs nano 20:04 semiosis ed, or cat 20:07 larsks Because ed is the standard text editor. 20:07 larsks https://www.gnu.org/fun/jokes/ed-msg.txt 21:11 semiosis i need to install imagemagick on my mac. should i use macports or homebrew? what's the difference? 21:16 pdurbin semiosis: homebrew 21:16 semiosis why do you say that? i'm reading http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21374366/what-is-the-difference-usage-of-homebrew-macports-or-other-package-installation and there seems to be a lot of opinions on both sides 21:17 pdurbin I just followed the herd. From fink to macports to homebrew. 21:17 semiosis hm ok 21:20 larsks semiosis: They are all terrible. 21:20 larsks But I'm using homebrew these days. 21:21 semiosis larsks: be that as it may, i can either use a windows PC or a mac to solve this problem, and I think mac is the lesser of those evils 21:22 larsks semiosis: wow, dude. 21:22 larsks I was not suggesting otherwise. 21:22 larsks Only that most of the mac package maintainers have a variety of problem, so it's sort of a pick-your-poison. 21:33 pdurbin larsks: the maintainers have problems? the people themselves? don't we all ;) 21:34 larsks s/maintainers/managers/ 21:34 larsks Yeah, I spotted that. I hoped it would be obvious :) 21:38 pdurbin :) 22:13 semiosis ok going to try homebrew. thanks for the input! 22:14 pdurbin don't mention it 22:24 bene i rather like homebrew 22:24 bene especially in comparison to the other options 22:24 bene :P 23:00 pdurbin :) 23:46 hydrajump semiosis: i'm been using and still homebrew never used macports, but I've talked to people who do not like the homebrew project. 23:46 hydrajump I'm going to look at options when I reinstall OS X.