Time Nick Message 06:59 GWG Okay. I have 4 3TB drives now. Need to decide. I have RAID 5 or RAID 6 to consider 12:31 pdurbin RAID 6 sounds fancy. 12:58 bene two parity volumes 12:59 bene do you really have a need for a single filesystem? 13:39 pdurbin bene: happy new year! welcome back 14:32 bene happy new year to you too 14:32 bene it's odd that you messaged me the irc logs link yesterday and semiosis and bear were discussing xmpp 14:33 bene since i set up openfire this week and have been trying to get it working as an internal chat solution 14:33 bene . o O ( it's not a technology... it's a solution. ) 14:33 * pdurbin used to help run openfire a bit 14:50 dotplus GWG: have you considered zfs as an alternative to lvm/mdadm? I think it's easier to deal with and it has a few nice features that you might like. zfs send|receive to migrate data is very convenient. 15:17 larsks dotplus: also, the fact that ZFS is one of the only filesystems that ensures data integrity on disk. Just about everything else will silently ignore on-disk corruption. 15:34 dotplus larsks: yeah, that was one of the features that I had in mind with "that you might like":) 15:36 GWG I'm happy with ext4 16:19 semiosis bene: i really disliked openfire 16:20 semiosis bene: so i switched to ejabberd, which was fine as long as i could run it on shared storage. without shared storage it's a pain in the .... 16:21 semiosis but as of yesterday we're switching to slack. i tried hipchat but it just isn't up to par 16:30 bene we have AD for user accounts, so the option to hook up openfire to AD and get all the users/groups with no extra config is a big win 16:46 semiosis pdurbin: pm?