Time Nick Message 14:28 pdurbin if anyone would like to come to lunch on Tuesday with me and a founder of http://openhatch.org please let me know. codex larsks tfhartmann 15:09 pdurbin and a very cool person who works there: http://irclogs.jackgrigg.com/irc.freenode.net/openhatch/2015-01-15#i_3546403 17:22 semiosis ejabberd is great but so frustrating. ubuntu packages dont support mysql, but they run at boot. upstream install includes mysql support, but won't start at boot. argggh 17:35 pdurbin is the e for erlang? 17:35 pdurbin whorka: I can't believe you'd never heard of https://twitter.com/php_ceo 17:40 semiosis yes 17:40 semiosis the e is for erlang 17:40 semiosis and for extremely frustrating 17:43 pdurbin searchbot: lucky mostly erlang 17:43 searchbot pdurbin: http://mostlyerlang.com/ 17:44 pdurbin they have a nice podcast though 17:49 pdurbin let it crash 17:54 bear if your using ejabberd I would recommend prosody instead 17:55 semiosis i'm ready to throw this thing out the window 17:55 semiosis finally get the db working and now some obscure bug prevents login 17:55 semiosis people saying they had to compile latest erlang from source to get past it 17:55 semiosis wtaf 17:56 semiosis bear: all i need is TLS encryption and server-managed shared buddy list. this is a private chat server for our small company, everyone is on a single buddy list 17:56 bear yea, that's why I prefer prosody - it tracks the latest xmpp requirements, uses lua which is a much saner language to debug/work with and is very stable 17:56 semiosis bear: can prosody do that? 17:56 bear yep 17:56 semiosis thanks! 17:57 bear stock prosody from the debian/ubuntu package will get you that 17:57 semiosis oh another thing i need, no local storage 17:57 pdurbin semiosis: you know bear is on some XMPP board, right? 17:57 bear you can use sqlite, mysql, flat file, ... all in the config 17:57 semiosis this is running on a transient ec2 instance 17:57 semiosis woooo! 17:57 semiosis my hero 17:57 semiosis pdurbin: did not know that 17:57 bear http://prosody.im/doc/mysql 17:58 bear last year I was the chairman of the XSF Board 17:58 bear this year I took a break :) 17:58 semiosis nice 18:02 semiosis and prosody has their own upstream apt repo! \o/ 18:03 semiosis glad i decided to complain in here :) 18:04 pdurbin that's what #crimsonfu is for 18:04 dotplus bear: do you happen to whether hipchat/slack/whatever the cisco thing is called are built on top of prosody/ejabberd/something opensource or whether they each have their own thing? 18:04 * pdurbin high fives tfhartmann 18:05 bear yea, cisco's chat service uses xmpp on the backed IIRC 18:05 bear the original "Jabber" team got bought by cisco way back 18:06 bear webex and it's variants 18:06 dotplus They all use XMPP, I was wondering if you knew about the whether server implementations were prosody/ejabberd/whatever 18:07 bear I haven't looked that deep 18:08 dotplus no worries, just curious and it sounded like you might be more likely to know than a quick stfw might reveal 18:10 bear you can always point xmpp.net at the domain - it will spit out what it discovers 18:17 dotplus interesting, but that only appears to look at security aspects dns, tls protocols/ciphers, not server software. 18:19 bear hmm, I thought it reported server signatures... 18:21 bear ah - they have s2s blocked for it - so server guessing is blocked 18:33 semiosis sadly the groups feature in prosody doesnt store in the db, and afaict from the docs there's no wildcard... i would have to edit the config file every time we add/remove a user 18:33 semiosis bear: does that sound right? 18:33 semiosis or am i missing something 18:34 bear yea, I think your missing something 18:34 bear group - do you mean a group of users? 18:34 semiosis http://prosody.im/doc/modules/mod_groups 18:35 semiosis says i have to explicitly list the usernames 18:35 bear ah 18:35 semiosis but i just want one group with all users 18:35 bear let me ask if they have that set so you can use a bot to configure... 18:36 semiosis thx 18:41 semiosis maybe i'll submit a patch to add that feature :) 18:41 bear :) 18:42 semiosis i can live with this text file config for now 18:42 bear the prosody devs are all in europe, so getting an answer can be slow 18:42 semiosis deploying a new server image when someone joins/leaves the company isn't *that* big of a deal 18:42 bear they are a friendly lot - you can jump on their chat room and ask anything 18:42 semiosis i'm sure i will 18:42 bear you could probably update the config and then just use prosodyctl command to bounce the group module 18:43 bear it would be a -HUP type config update 18:43 semiosis this is an immutable server image 18:43 bear oof 18:43 bear so yea, a patch to get it to use a data store instead of a flatfile would be most welcome 18:47 semiosis i was thinking a patch to support a wildcard term for all registered users 18:47 semiosis and still using flatfile 18:48 semiosis that seems like an easier patch to start with 18:48 bear ah - yea 19:10 dotplus semiosis: won't your CM take care of that for you? or are you trying to avoid bouncing the service every time you want to add a user or something like that? 19:22 GWG I need some server advice of a different nature 19:23 GWG My server at home has ded 19:23 GWG died 19:24 GWG Trying to decide if I should go RAID 5 19:26 bear in some ways the raid question is how much the drives cost vs how long you can afford to be offline 19:27 bear if you don't mind being offline, then raid 2 (mirroring) is doable, if you don't want to be offline then raid 5 is an option 19:27 dotplus think about what you're trying to achieve. Is your data (easily) recreatable? Will you cry if it's gone? Are you going to setup monitoring (and act on any alerts!) to show when a disk goes bad? what kind of usage do you expect? 19:28 semiosis dotplus: cm only runs to build the image, once it's deployed to the cluster it's immutable 19:28 dotplus bear: raid2 is striping, raid 1 is mirroring 19:28 semiosis cluster of one in this case, autoscaling just makes sure there's one alive 19:28 bear dotplus - ah, thanks - i'm always getting that wrong 19:29 semiosis might scrap the whole IM server thing and signup for one of those SaaS products pdurbin mentioned 19:29 semiosis more trouble than it's worth 19:30 dotplus eh, I would think that for a small outfit who are already comfortable managing stuff, it's easy enough to add one more simple service 19:30 GWG I thought it was 0 and 1 19:30 dotplus but otoh, there's always the "focus on your core competencies" against that 19:30 GWG But, I've only had rare hard drive failures 19:30 GWG I just had a motherboard failure 19:31 dotplus raid Z 19:32 pdurbin that I mentioned? 19:33 semiosis [13:04] bear: do you happen to whether hipchat/slack/whatever the cisco thing is called are built on top of prosody/ejabberd/something opensource or whether they each have their own thing? 19:33 semiosis that definitely not pdurbin saying that 19:33 semiosis brain not working on account of cold or flu 19:33 pdurbin I think my wife's startup is using slack. 19:33 bear slack is good, but heck, you could also just go with one of the new hosted irc's 19:34 semiosis that's not going to work for us. 80% of the company is not devs 19:34 semiosis 90%? 19:35 bear slack works well then - desktop clients, mobile clents - very very non-dev friendly 19:36 bear or you can use something like gitter-im - and tie it to a private repo 19:36 pdurbin wife approval factor 19:40 dotplus Also very non-dev friendly: http://www.webex.com/projectsquared/ (Disclaimer: I work for Cisco which owns webex) 19:40 dotplus just not for that bit of Cisco. or indeed anywhere near it. 19:42 semiosis wow there sure are a lot of choices 19:43 dotplus hire me as a consultant and I will research your needs, the options, recommend something suitable and help you implement/make the most of it. 19:43 dotplus actually, I'm kidding. I don't do that sort of thing any more. 19:43 semiosis lol 19:54 semiosis project squared doesn't even have pricing info 19:54 semiosis scary 20:05 semiosis hipchat has a native linux client. SOLD! 21:27 pdurbin man, whatever happend to http://crimsonfu.github.io/members/agoddard 21:27 pdurbin that guy was great 21:35 pdurbin and shuff. I remember shuff 21:36 pdurbin shuff and whorka: please prepare a warm welcome 22:00 whorka warming the phasers 22:08 pdurbin heh. stun is fine 22:22 shuff hey, prosody! i love it