Time Nick Message 21:03 semiosis ecommendations for a user-friendly open source router firmware/distro? 21:03 semiosis recommendations* 21:49 * pdurbin feels like he's heard good things about https://www.pfsense.org 21:54 hydrajump semiosis: vyos 21:56 semiosis i'm currently evaluating pfsense, and JoeJulian recommended edgerouter lite in #gluster https://botbot.me/freenode/gluster/2015-01-09/?msg=29161334&page=5 21:57 semiosis hydrajump: vyos looks promising, i'll check it out 21:59 hydrajump semiosis: yes Ubnt Edge Router Lite uses a variant of Vyatta which is what VyOS uses as well 21:59 hydrajump I have many UBnt ERls running myself and for clients ;) 22:00 hydrajump excellent product 22:00 hydrajump do you need it in the cloud or on-premise? 22:00 semiosis on premise. office firewall 22:00 hydrajump semiosis: Ubnt ERL all the way 22:00 semiosis does it do openvpn in the webui? 22:01 hydrajump hmm.. I don't use the UI... I know it does openvpn. ipsec etc... let me check on in the UI 22:29 semiosis hydrajump: ?