Time Nick Message 01:33 pdurbin GWG: I suppose you are talking about http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2014/08/26/exploring-18446744073709551616-planets-mans-sky/ 01:38 GWG Actually, not at all 01:38 GWG I asked Linode for some IPV6 addresses 01:38 GWG That's how many they gave me 01:39 pdurbin ah. interesting 01:43 GWG I find that overwhelming 01:59 pdurbin sounds like you didn't ask for that many 02:10 pdurbin ah, /64 is the default: https://www.linode.com/docs/networking/native-ipv6-networking#ipv6-address-pools 02:13 GWG Yes 02:15 prologic yeah /64 is a default mostly 02:15 prologic and most places will give you a /56 too 02:16 prologic sure you'll (as an end user) will never use a /56 02:16 prologic let alone a /64 02:16 GWG prologic: They asked me 02:16 prologic but it doesn't matter too much since it's 64bit addressing 02:16 GWG I said whatever works for them 02:16 prologic so we won't be running out of IPv6 space any time soon 02:16 prologic our Sun will blow up before we run out 02:16 prologic yeah 02:16 prologic I don't think anyone will cut up a block smaller than /64 really 02:17 prologic it's too much maintenance 02:18 pdurbin prologic: that page says linode will give you a /116 if you ask for it. 4096 addresses 02:19 pdurbin GWG: less overwhelming, perhaps :) 02:19 GWG I didn't want to be a troublemaker 03:32 prologic ahh 03:32 prologic anyone here used socat? 03:32 prologic $ echo "SET UQoqbbtpvikDPbVKCUDE3F foo bar" | socat -v - UNIX:/tmp/cgod.sock 03:32 prologic > 2014/12/29 13:34:44.363141 length=35 from=0 to=34 03:32 prologic SET UQoqbbtpvikDPbVKCUDE3F foo bar 03:33 prologic I can't get the server's response to stdout/stderr 03:33 prologic weird ( I see it being written when looking at the server logs ) 03:51 prologic man socat is weird 03:51 prologic I can't get it to behave 03:52 prologic I used my own unix socket client and everything works perfectly 03:57 prologic yay finally 03:57 prologic https://gist.github.com/therealprologic/2c61402dfd30ac10ed42 16:46 prologic http://daisy.shortcircuit.net.au/