Time Nick Message 20:38 GWG Anyone use SPDY and have a benchmarking opinion? 23:03 prologic Not used it 23:03 prologic however I do have an opinion 23:03 prologic with most websites today using CDN(s) 23:03 prologic SPDY is pointless 23:03 prologic it is really only useful if you plan on hostingg *EVERYTHING* yourself on your own server 23:03 prologic and to be clear, a single server with a single endpoint 23:04 GWG prologic: Many CDNs also support SPDY now 23:04 prologic as soon as you start using a CDN or have many distributed servers yourself SPYDY is quite literally useless 23:04 prologic indeed 23:04 prologic and so they should :) 23:04 prologic it's just the way it's designed that's all 23:04 GWG I could see it being useless with mixed content.. 23:04 GWG I'm still confused about the point 23:05 prologic I've encountered far too many zealot folk who make all sorts of bogus claims that it speeds up their shitty little web server / website 23:05 prologic and haven't the foggiest how it actually works :) 23:05 prologic it solves multiplexing to a single server 23:05 prologic afaik :) 23:05 prologic that's all 23:06 prologic I think come aspects of it are being incorpoarated into HTTP 2.0 anyway 23:07 prologic SPDY manipulates HTTP traffic, with particular goals of reducing web page load latency and improving web security. SPDY achieves reduced latency through compression, multiplexing, and prioritization [1] although this depends on a combination of network and website deployment conditions.[2][3] 23:08 prologic ... 23:08 prologic As of July 2012, the group developing SPDY has stated publicly that it is working toward standardisation (available as an Internet Draft).[5] The first draft of HTTP/2 is using SPDY as the working base for its specification draft and editing.[6] 23:11 GWG I may experiment 23:11 prologic do so :0 23:11 prologic but host your own stuff then 23:12 GWG That is what I was experimenting with 23:13 GWG Benchmark for HTTP, HTTPS, SPDY, SPDY with CDN 23:13 GWG I want to see the speed comparison myself 23:14 prologic ahh yes 23:14 prologic I believe someone did that on the web 23:14 prologic wasn't very good 23:14 prologic it's marginal at best 23:14 prologic IIRC 23:15 GWG I found it. They did CDN, but not CDN with SPDY 23:15 prologic you get just as good performance if you gzip, uglify, etc your web content 23:15 prologic ahh