Time Nick Message 00:56 hydrajump can anyone recommend a rails developer whose available for a couple of days job working on an existing rails 4 app? 00:57 prologic permissive? 00:57 prologic hydrajump if you said python I'd say sure yeap me :) 00:57 prologic :P 00:58 hydrajump hehe thanks :D 00:58 hydrajump not easy finding good devs who actually do what they say they will 00:59 prologic that's true 01:17 pdurbin those lazy devs 01:32 prologic yeah :P 01:32 prologic damn them all to hell :) 01:32 prologic oh wiat 01:32 prologic I'm a dev 01:32 prologic rats :( 01:32 prologic got my new server working last night 01:32 prologic a little VX11 CRUX VM at hetzner.de 01:33 pdurbin prologic: if you want URLs to be clickable in the logs made by ilbot3, you have to add http:// 01:43 prologic heh 01:43 prologic http://hetzner.de 01:43 prologic there :P 01:44 prologic anyone heard of this statusnet / gnusocial thing? 01:44 prologic any opinions? 01:51 pdurbin statusnet is no more, but yes it lives on a gnusocial, I guess. the guy who wrote statusnet has since created http://pump.io 01:54 prologic oh? 01:54 * prologic looks 01:55 pdurbin prologic: node.js! async! you'll love pump.io! 01:57 prologic https://1realtime.net/prologic 01:57 prologic cool :) 01:57 prologic I created an account on their hosted version of pump.io 01:57 prologic I'll try it out over the next few days 02:06 * pdurbin has an account at https://microca.st/pdurbin ... "2 years ago" on the more recent post 02:07 pdurbin prologic: I left some notes here: http://irclog.greptilian.com/spanworm/2013-02-26#i_3540 02:08 pdurbin looks like I opened this ticket: https://github.com/e14n/pump.io/issues/440 03:45 prologic So i pump.io decentarlized ? 09:28 * prologic is hacking up a gopher daemon in circuits 09:28 prologic :) 11:29 pdurbin prologic: yes. decentralized and federated. rare in that way 13:59 prologic https://bitbucket.org/prologic/cgod 13:59 prologic pdurbin, cool so I should run a pump instance on my server yeah? 13:59 prologic get in on this oss/decentralized/federated social crap :) 14:28 dotplus prologic: "circuits"? 14:28 dotplus I don't think you can mean ASIC, right? 14:33 prologic ASIC? 14:33 prologic https://pypi.python.org/pypi/circuits 14:37 pdurbin this confusion never comes up in #circuits ;) 14:37 prologic no indeed :) 14:48 dotplus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application-specific_integrated_circuit 14:59 dotplus huh. circuits sounds interesting. the purpose of it is to make it easy to build network service daemons? 15:02 prologic sure 15:03 prologic or web apps 15:03 prologic or anything that does I/O 15:06 dotplus how does it do performance-wise? multi-thread/multi-process? python for that sort of thing just makes me think of multiprocessing and "fails at anything but small scale", but that might be because the primary app I'm thinking of (bcfg2) was horrid. 15:10 dotplus mrrh, you people are too interesting. I have work I'm supposed to be doing 15:12 prologic async I/O 15:13 prologic event-driven 15:13 prologic real world performance is acceptable for what the framework does 15:13 prologic raw banchmarks put circuits (the core) at ~50k events/s on my hw and ~150k event/s with PyPy 15:14 prologic circuits.web fairs far worse but it's quite a feature rich web framework 15:14 prologic so benefits from load balancing :) 15:15 prologic circuits is design to scale :) 15:15 prologic you should do as little CPU bound work as possbile in any given event handler 15:15 prologic CPU bound work should be shoved off to a Worker (circuits.Worker)