Time Nick Message 14:45 GWG Anyone good with Nginx around? 14:45 GWG https://github.com/dshanske/nginx-cache-control/blob/master/example.conf 14:46 GWG Looking to figure out an elegant way to restrict the header initiated purge to localhost. 15:49 bear gwg - you could check if $domain is "localhost" 16:09 GWG Bear, you can not have nested ifs 16:32 bear then setup a location for localhost and share the internal bit 16:50 GWG Can you restate that? 17:15 bear each location {} block can be for a regex that you can then "include foo.conf" for the details 17:16 bear so: server { server_name localhost; include stuff.conf; } 17:16 bear server { server_name www.example.com; include stuff.conf; } 17:17 bear then you can duplicate but only have a single file to edit for each different server name 17:20 GWG Bear, that would not work. I have more than one site on the server. 17:21 GWG So, the localhost couldn't figure out what data to serve. 17:24 bear oh - sorry for missing that detail :/ 17:25 GWG Bear, no problem. 17:25 GWG For now, no one has DDOSed me using it on the years I've had this setup. 17:26 GWG But I want to close the door 17:30 GWG I have a different idea 17:30 GWG What if I just vary the trigger? 17:46 GWG I can just change the header. 17:53 bear true, good idea 18:14 GWG Instead of it being 1,it can be a random number I can change. 18:14 GWG Bear, thank you for helping me come to that conclusion. Sometimes you just need a sounding board 18:15 bear glad to be helpful! (yes, having someone to talk out a problem is a huge help) 18:17 GWG Bear, if you are interested in the solution, I can show you the setup 18:17 GWG I've started a repository for it. 18:17 pdurbin talk to the bear: http://wiki.greptilian.com/programming 18:17 bear nifty - yes, always interested in how people use nginx 18:18 bear oh my - that is so cool pdurbin ! 18:19 GWG https://github.com/dshanske/nginx-cache-control/blob/master/example.conf 18:19 GWG Pdurbin, perfect 18:20 pdurbin :) 18:20 GWG The example was based largely on one written by Mark Jaquith. I need to add references/credit 18:20 * pdurbin imagines bear as a bear 18:22 bear I like it 18:24 GWG Pdurbin, that is how the teddy bear was invented 18:30 pdurbin :) 19:19 pdurbin what's a word for having more permission than you should? 19:23 pdurbin if I don't have a permission I should it's "missing". but what's the opposite? 19:47 pdurbin hmm. maybe I could call it an "illegitimate" permission 20:00 semiosis excess? 20:00 pdurbin could work but doesn't sound scary enough :) 20:01 pdurbin maybe a "revoked" permission 20:02 semiosis unauthorized 20:02 semiosis you may technically have the permission, although you dont have the authority to use it 20:02 semiosis and scary too 20:02 pdurbin yeah