Time Nick Message 08:25 prologic no :) 08:25 prologic it shall have a good run again :) 11:55 dotplus actually, I think it's not a bad idea and worth a little consideration; it's simple (not much to break), plaintext (low bandwidth, easy to compress, easy to index/crawl/search) 11:56 dotplus and various other benefits not least of which is that gopherspace is not (currently) infested with spammers, (web)bugs and other malware. 11:57 dotplus I, for one, welcome our returning gopher underlords (with apologies to /.) 12:05 prologic I agree 12:05 prologic that's several of the reasons why I'm so in to it right now 12:06 prologic I'm finding the experience quite satisfying 12:06 prologic the fact that it's no infested with commercialism either is a big plus 12:06 prologic and a lot of websites are just so gawd awful it's not even funny 12:09 dotplus yep, even the ones that are lauded by the tech (in this case the webdev/webdesign) community are often awful in the sense of: difficult to use/read, heavyweight on the browser, frequent changes that disturb UX for no good reason and this last is my pet peeve: using (obscure) icons instead of just having *words*. 12:12 dotplus that last is a huge thing in the last few years. seriously, wtf? If you're using the web, except in a few special circumstances (that are important and should not be forgotten such as pre-literate children and various disabilities), you have to be able to read. That means *words* are an available mechanism for this communication medium. 12:12 prologic *nods* 12:12 prologic I agree 12:12 prologic being a visuall impaired person I find it extermely frustrating 12:12 prologic I believe Gopher (if done right with the right motivated folks) could have a big come back 12:12 prologic for what it was designed for 12:13 dotplus The trend towards icons for everything is very irritating. 12:13 prologic dissemination if information 12:13 prologic tell me about it 12:13 dotplus perhaps. My guess is that we'd need to write various converters which should prbably be dynamic so gateways in effect. 12:13 prologic even more irriating for me :) 12:14 prologic well not so much converters as such 12:14 prologic but what I've been doing is sraping things 12:14 prologic relvent things 12:14 prologic e.g: 12:14 dotplus gateways to content published to other-than-gopher 12:14 prologic gopher://arrow.shortcircuit.net.au/1/comics/dilbert 12:15 prologic I plan to scrape xkcd too at some point 12:15 prologic the script is really simple :) 12:18 dotplus brew search xli 12:18 dotplus No formula found for "xli". 12:19 prologic xli? 12:20 prologic if you're on OS X 12:20 prologic you want elinks 12:20 prologic brew edit elinks 12:20 prologic and throw in --enable-gopher 12:20 prologic then brew install elinks 12:20 prologic or FF + Overbite Add-on 12:27 dotplus in general, scraping is too labour intensive to be viable. For example, say I want to republish to gopherspace the content of some blog, I don't want to go webscrape each article, parse out the html, and store the content. I want to ask the server for a plaintext version of the content of just the article (not all the nav, widgets for login/commenting and whatever else). 12:28 prologic I agree 12:29 prologic this would normally be possible 12:29 prologic except that the Web is inherently broken 12:29 prologic and many (99.99%) of websites do not respect REST 12:29 dotplus the neogopher community would be best served by making contributions to popular blogging and other CMS such that they autoproduce or have HTTP APIs that either a) are gopher publishers/servers or b) can be queried by standard gopher server software in order to republish 12:29 prologic with content negotiation :( 12:29 prologic so the only solution to this that I can think of is to build a service 12:30 prologic that translate shitty websites into real content that can be served up by gopher 12:30 prologic in fact make a proxy that goes the other way around 12:30 prologic web -> gopher 12:32 dotplus not quite sure what you mean 12:33 prologic me neither :) 12:36 dotplus ok. then returning to the previous point, I was using lynx and when I navved to the dilbert link, it errored with "sh: xli not found" 12:40 prologic ahh 12:40 prologic when I use elinks ot opens images in display 12:40 prologic but that's because I have elinks configured that way 12:41 prologic https://gist.github.com/0ecd92dea875f1c516a1 12:42 dotplus so I rebuilt elinks with gopher support (`brew edit elinks`, add "--enable-gopher", as you said) and then `brew install --build-from-source elinks`. And then elinks asks me what I want to do with the file of type image/gif so I attempt to open with the command "open". Preview opens as expected, but without the image:( 12:49 prologic oh 12:49 prologic open % 12:51 dotplus yeah, "open %" was what I had. further investigation and using your example elinks.conf | sed 's/display/open/g', leaves me with Preview giving a permissions problem. elinks is writing the temp file to /var/tmp as mode 0600, which seems slightly surprising, but should be ok. but preview can't open it. I blame Apple. 12:53 prologic ahh 12:53 prologic yeah might be a bit of fiddling to get that right on OS X 12:53 prologic I blame both Apple and the Homebrew maintainers of elinks :) 12:54 prologic can you open /path/to/file otherwise? 12:54 prologic the temporary file that gets written out? 13:02 prologic cool 13:02 prologic I just configured elinks to automatically download and play audio files from gopherspace 13:03 * pdurbin checks his calendar 13:03 prologic hi pdurbin :) 13:03 prologic having fun are we/ :P 13:04 pdurbin ok ok, I still fire up elinks every once in a while 13:04 prologic lol 13:04 prologic good :) 13:04 prologic it's the best browser :P 14:01 prologic gopher://arrow.shortcircuit.net.au/1/~prologic/phlog 14:01 prologic sweet :) 14:01 * prologic is writing a new phlog (Gopher Logging/Blogging) tool in Python 14:01 prologic :) 14:02 prologic new and list commands work 14:02 prologic now on to full text searching and archival :) 16:51 semiosis why don't you just use lynx/elinks to browse the web then ;) 16:51 semiosis oh never mind. reading further i see you got there on your own 20:42 prologic hehe 20:42 prologic I would except that the web is broken :)