Time Nick Message 02:11 * sivoais is too 02:25 GWG I just assume the NSA is reading my mail. I figure if they want to be bored... 02:25 GWG Re locking down of devices. 02:49 pdurbin :) 13:07 mhayden pdurbin/henson: it seems i'm getting reputation similar to dan walsh's :) 13:57 prologic gopher://arrow.shortcircuit.net.au/1/comics/dilbert 13:58 pdurbin we've got to do something about this gopher infestation. I thought prairie dogs were bad. 16:44 semiosis pdurbin: it was easter weekend, you had obligations 17:24 pdurbin ah 20:47 prologic haha 21:36 * pdurbin did not dress up as a bunny 21:39 semiosis gopher? really? 21:40 pdurbin or a gopher 21:40 pdurbin semiosis: please make prologic stop :) 21:40 semiosis srsly, gopher had a good run, let it be