Time Nick Message 02:52 pdurbin oh, I thought you were kidding that that's a thing :) 07:01 Guest26971 pdurbin, no quite serious 07:01 Guest26971 there is such a project 07:01 Guest26971 gopherproject.org 07:01 Guest26971 #gopherproject 13:12 pdurbin I know this site somehow. 13:12 pdurbin ah yes, because for a while I used this: TTYtter: an interactive console text-based command-line Twitter client and Perl platform (whew!) - http://www.floodgap.com/software/ttytter/ 15:28 prologic Oh guess what? 15:28 prologic http://www.pythondiary.com/blog/Dec.12,2014/building-gopher-client-django.html 15:28 prologic http://www.pythondiary.com/blog/Dec.13,2014/planet-python-now-available-gopher.html 15:35 pdurbin "Have you ever wanted to enable your users to access your Gopher server without the need of them installing a browser plugin, installing a standalone software, or using a third part proxy service?" 15:35 pdurbin ... can't say that I have 15:36 pdurbin tychoish: oh, I was singing ikiwiki's praises yesterday 16:27 pdurbin prologic: crux: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/linuxvillage/2014-12-14#i_9804534 16:28 prologic ahh nice 16:36 henson Setting up public server for first time on an old machine. I've disabled root ssh login (and password login), and installed fail2ban. I've got postfix, ssh, and apache exposed publicly. Any other recommendations? 16:37 prologic swap out postfix for esmtp and relay via gmail 16:37 prologic swap out apache for lighttpd or nginx 16:37 pdurbin henson: welcome! so you're new to rpm distros: https://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2014-12-14#t1418574774491 16:37 pdurbin mhayden: henson seems to be getting into selinux, your favorite :) 16:37 prologic install docker, learn it, use it :) 16:38 prologic my 2c worth :) 16:38 henson prologic: So you're running your webservices out of docker? Do you make seperate docker files for each service? 16:38 prologic I'll be building a new server soon on hetzner.de 16:38 prologic moving away from my physical at codero.com 16:38 prologic henson, I do yes 16:38 pdurbin henson: I assume you don't allow relaying with postfix, that it's relatively locked down 16:39 prologic henson, also setup gopher :) 16:39 henson pdurbin: Yeah, just single server, no relay. 16:39 henson prologic: Hahaha, that's awesome. I've only read about it old books ;-) 16:39 henson prologic: I'm still reading mail from terminal though. Have any imap suggestions? 16:40 pdurbin prologic has been on a gopher kick for 3 days 16:40 prologic gopher://arrow.shortcircuit.net.au is my Gopherspace for now :) 16:41 prologic imap client? 16:41 prologic mutt 16:41 henson Oh, no, sorry. IMAP server 16:42 pdurbin dovecot is probably the default IMAP server on Fedora. I've used Cyrus in the past 16:42 prologic oh 16:42 prologic dovecot 16:43 prologic yeah cyrus or dovecot 16:43 prologic but again I do recommend getting into Docker :) 16:43 prologic and Dockerizing everything 16:43 prologic it'll save you many painful hours later on when you have to figure out how the hell you configured things :) 16:44 pdurbin prologic: have you used Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt, etc? 16:45 henson pdurbin: Ooh! I'm interested in that as well. Not sure which one to pick. I know was popular choice in the past 16:48 pdurbin I have the most experience with Puppet but I'm 2 years out of date. Some experience with Salt. Not sure what to recommend. Honestly, I've switched to little shell scripts in Vagrant for now until I decide. :) 16:50 pdurbin henson: here's my server config captured in Puppet configs: https://github.com/pdurbin/greptilian-vagrant 16:52 pdurbin prologic: that's how I remember what I did :) 16:55 henson pdurbin: that's a great idea. installing git now 16:57 pdurbin I assume people use Puppet, Chef, etc. with Docker but I don't know. 17:10 henson Last question.. ;-) Favorite Linux IRC client? 17:10 pdurbin weechat! 18:16 pdurbin GWG: welcome! heh. "server administration tax" https://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2014-12-14#t1418580742718 :) 18:18 GWG I was hosting a site for someone ob my server. I just evicted them. They took my load from averaging 0.7 to peaking at 75 18:18 GWG They would not take my advice on what not to do 18:19 GWG So, I built myself a new server and left. 18:19 GWG Then told them that they could move or transfer the old one to their names 18:20 GWG I still have a bunch of things I need to build/rebuild. Like better monitoring 18:22 GWG When pdurbin mentioned this place, I thought I might learn some things or get ideas lurking 18:31 pdurbin GWG: not sure what kind of monitoring you're looking for but this was easy to install: http://munin.greptilian.com 18:43 bear I've also used monit for small server counts - http://mmonit.com/monit/ 18:43 GWG I use monit and collectd, actually 18:43 GWG I didn't find Munin suited me 18:44 GWG So, this time around, I focused on thinking through my alert conditions much more thoroughly. 18:44 GWG So I wouldn't get a flood of useless info and miss the useful info 18:44 GWG That's my monitoring issue right now 18:45 GWG How to decide what I need to know 18:45 bear yep - that's the hard part of monitoring 18:45 bear you only know that by setting a value for a threshold, waiting for the alert and then deciding if it was too soon or too late :) 18:45 bear because each server environment is different 18:46 bear 80% drive full warning seems ok unless your app creates 15% space during peak and you run out of disk because of a surge 18:46 bear things like that 18:46 GWG I learned a lot when those people killed my server 18:47 bear doing a post-mortem after *all* server outages is the only way to learn 18:49 GWG Then there is collectd, which is graph based monitoring. 18:49 GWG I had a lot of pretty graphs 18:49 bear that is more accurately called metrics 18:49 GWG I felt I didn't take advantage of them 18:50 pdurbin bear: have you tried https://github.com/mperham/inspeqtor ? It's new and inspired by monit. I heard about it at http://thechangelog.com/130/ 18:51 bear inspeqtor looks good - seems to be more for small server setups ... ah, ruby Sidekiq authors... now I get the q in the name :) 18:53 pdurbin semiosis: too bad I missed you when you were in town for http://monitorama.com 18:56 pdurbin this is a new open source montoring system: http://blog.serverfault.com/2014/11/10/announcing-bosun/ 19:04 pdurbin I run my IRC client on my only server so I usually find out pretty quickly when it's down. No need for alerts. :) 20:42 prologic pdurbin, Puppet and Ansaible 20:42 prologic preference towards Ansiable 20:42 prologic however these days 20:42 prologic preference towards Immutable Infrastructure -- Docker 20:43 pdurbin makes sense 20:43 GWG I missed the questoin there 20:45 pdurbin GWG: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2014-12-14#i_9804595 20:48 GWG There's a log. 20:48 GWG great 20:48 GWG Bookmarking that 20:49 GWG pdurbin: Wish someone had suggested that before I built a server...could save me if I ever have to move again 20:49 GWG Note to self...research that 20:50 prologic Yeah Docker ftw 20:50 prologic seriously 20:52 GWG I like this room...it makes me think of new things 20:52 GWG Conversely...you are all giving me a lot of work 20:54 prologic indeed :) 20:54 prologic Also don't forget gopher :) 20:59 GWG Gopher? Who uses Gopher still? 20:59 GWG After that, I'll start up my news server 21:00 GWG Wait, people still use those 21:00 prologic Apparently quite a few folk do 21:00 prologic myself included :) 21:00 prologic gopher://arrow.shortcircuit.net.au 21:01 GWG Interesting 21:01 GWG I thought gopher was extinct 21:01 prologic far from it 21:01 prologic ~3.5M selectors indexed with over ~150 known Gopherspaces 21:01 GWG Learn something new every day 21:03 prologic I was surprised too 21:03 prologic but honestly I'm glad 21:03 prologic I think we could revitalize Gopher 21:03 prologic and give it a new set of wheels :) 21:04 prologic This guy Kevin from Python Diary is another such example 21:04 prologic gopher://gopher.veroneau.net/1/ 21:04 prologic Also: gopher://gopher.veroneau.net/1/Feeds/Planet%20Python -- Planet Python Feeds 21:05 prologic And: gopher://gopherpedia.com/1/ -- Interface to Wikipedia 21:05 prologic Also I highly recommend Gophernicus as a server if you plan to setup your own Gopherspace 21:05 prologic gopher://gophernicus.org 21:06 prologic it's very modern, maintained, stable, secure and fast 21:21 GWG Hmm... 21:59 pdurbin GWG: suggested Puppet or similar? 22:05 GWG I just haven't gotten to deployment 22:10 sivoais has anyone tried CFEngine? I'm amazed that it supports Android deployment 22:11 sivoais it looks like a solid piece of software 22:20 pdurbin sivoais: I know a guy who used to swear by it and was excited about the rewrite for version 3 22:22 pdurbin not sure what it would have to do with android dev though 22:22 sivoais there seems to be a Scala-based frontend tool that uses it 22:23 sivoais pdurbin: I think it is for provisioning devices in enterprises where people have a company phone/tablet 22:23 sivoais and those need to be locked down 22:24 pdurbin ah. ok 22:25 sivoais more info here 22:34 * pdurbin is glad he isn't in the business of locking down people's phones