Time Nick Message 03:16 pdurbin mhayden: you like to post animated gifs. Enjoy! https://plus.google.com/+Youonlyhadonejob-com/posts 03:16 pdurbin prologic: gopher, huh? 07:46 prologic pdurbin, yeah gopher :) 07:46 prologic I'm kinda getting seriously into this 07:46 prologic you probably may (or may not) know how I'm visually impaired (legally blind) 07:47 prologic so fancy UI (as is the web these days) and these stupid flat uis 07:47 prologic are just terribly shit from an accessibility point of view 07:47 prologic there is a certain appeal to gopher really 07:47 prologic and you may know from previous chats that I'm also a UNIX as an IDE developer 07:47 prologic vim + lots of cli apps 12:21 hydrajump prologic: i'm also slowly getting in go. really like how you can cross compile so easily for different OSes. 12:28 dotplus prologic: I guess you have a reverse proxy in front of your gopher service (gophernicus?); Server Information>your ip address reports '' 12:29 prologic hydrajump, gopher 12:29 prologic not golang 12:29 prologic dotplus, DNAT 12:29 prologic yeah 12:30 prologic just running it on my desktop for now 12:30 pdurbin the go mascot is a gopher #justsayin 12:31 * dotplus imagines a gopher daemon written in golang 12:32 dotplus I wonder if that is interesting enough and small enough to be a project to learn golang. 12:32 hydrajump prologic: hehe opps 12:33 * pdurbin is thinking about the ruby stuff called by http://podcasts.greptilian.com/go.sh for http://podcasts.greptilian.com in go 12:35 pdurbin because it's the quickest, dirtiest ruby you've ever seen 12:36 prologic sure could be :) 12:36 prologic it's an easy protocol 12:37 prologic anyway Gopher in general is really lovely 12:37 prologic there's an addon for Firefox that gives you a nice Gopher client 12:37 prologic and elinks has support for it with --enable-gopher (compile flag) 12:37 pdurbin prologic: next you'll be selling us on TCL 12:37 prologic nah 12:37 prologic some languages should die :) 12:37 prologic haha 12:38 pdurbin is that the one that's supported by the