Time Nick Message 14:43 pdurbin "that thought is pd(ist)urbin" -- http://irclogs.jackgrigg.com/irc.freenode.net/openhatch/2014-12-05#i_3515086 15:45 pdurbin hmm. web is down for me but irc is ok. how about you, codex or whorka ? (and where did all the crimson people go?) 15:59 whorka seems like it might be internal dns 16:00 * pdurbin agrees 16:01 * pdurbin wonders if is still a thing 16:02 pdurbin guess so. much better :) 17:13 pdurbin whorka: yep. "DNS" http://services.huit.harvard.edu/status-dashboard/note/1586 20:30 tfhartmann anyone using consul or any other service discovery tools? 20:50 pdurbin whoa. "Harvard University is experiencing internet outages across campus." http://www.harvard.edu/emergency 20:53 pdurbin searchbot: lucky consul software 20:53 searchbot pdurbin: http://www.consul.io/intro/vs/ 20:55 pdurbin huh. so vs. zookeeper, nagios, sensu and an bunch of things I've never heard of like Serf 20:56 pdurbin tfhartmann: is it awesome? 20:57 tfhartmann well, so far I really like consul, I have a small 2 node server set up 20:57 tfhartmann er 3 node 20:58 tfhartmann trying to decide where all to use it, and how. My reason for setting it up at all was to use it for Docker container registration and discover 21:12 larsks tfhartmann: hah, funny, I just booted up consul for the first time today. 21:13 tfhartmann larsks: great mind thing alike? 21:13 larsks Somethink like that. 21:13 tfhartmann although my mind apparently can't type 21:14 larsks I've also used just plain etcd for service registration/discovery. I am partly interested in consul's "event" support. 21:18 tfhartmann oh hey... and I just noticed it has remote execution too... thats pretty spiff 21:48 larsks Ooo, this is a good article. It claims to be about Java, but it's not just about Java: http://www.jamesward.com/2014/12/03/java-doesnt-suck-youre-just-using-it-wrong 22:21 codex pdurbin: yep 22:21 codex pdurbin: there should've been a note or something 23:37 pdurbin codex: a note to use that tip spread like wildfire 'round here