Time Nick Message 00:00 pdurbin hook* 00:02 pdurbin semiosis: can you add a test runner? it doesn't have to be perl but could look something like this: https://github.com/crimsonfu/code/blob/master/katas/autovivification/t/go.t 00:03 semiosis complicated 00:03 pdurbin well, write it in node or php or whatever. i don't care 00:04 semiosis checking the output isn't sufficient 00:04 pdurbin `prove` is just the standard way to do it in perl 00:04 semiosis 'echo 1 && echo 3' would pass 00:04 pdurbin why should I check the output like an animal? the test should pass or fail 00:06 semiosis i didnt realize you were grading people's work, i thought these were so people could demonstrate creative solutions to a problem 00:06 pdurbin huh. I ran `brew install jq` but I'm getting "error: startswith is not defined" 00:07 pdurbin jq version 1.3 00:07 semiosis maybe that's new in 1.4 00:08 semiosis yep 00:08 semiosis ok time to go, it's been fun! 00:09 pdurbin semiosis: thanks! 00:09 semiosis yq 00:09 semiosis yw 00:11 * pdurbin runs `brew update && brew upgrade jq` 00:12 pdurbin ok, totally works with jq 1.4 00:12 pdurbin semiosis: gold star 00:19 pdurbin here's the "recurse" example in jq I was looking at: http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Tree_traversal#jq 00:21 * pdurbin continues to be obsessed with trees 08:00 prologic sorry what's going on? 08:00 prologic :) 11:52 pdurbin prologic: the summary: https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/540333834194415616 :) 16:02 semiosis pdurbin: as i was falling asleep last night i realized you could probably do this in jq 1.3 (without startswith) by doing .b >= "x" and .b < "y" 16:03 semiosis but i'll leave that as an exercise for the interested reader 16:28 pdurbin an opportunity for someone to contribute their solution to the kata 16:28 * pdurbin still thinks a test runner would be nice