Time Nick Message 02:48 pdurbin dotplus: I'm trying out `yum install python27-mod_wsgi` ... so far so good: https://github.com/IQSS/plaid/commit/4e81be485c7ad193d62896e2a4c78d14cc8a40e9 02:50 pdurbin of course, our resident Django expert says uWGSGI is "definitely the preferred Django deployment (e.g. modern generation)" 02:50 pdurbin and provided this link: Set up Django, nginx and uwsgi - https://gist.github.com/evildmp/3094281 09:12 prologic IHMO (I'm biased) mod_wsgi/uwsgi are great and all (and WSGI ingeneral) 09:12 prologic but you loose a lot of the benefits of better/smarter backends like say twisted.web, tornado, circutis.web 09:13 prologic I tend to advise lighttpd/nginx + reverse proxy to your web app backend generally 09:13 prologic scales better :) 12:10 pdurbin prologic: that's cool. for now I'm just trying to get Django working on CentOS 6, which comes with Python 2.6, which is too old, hence all the jumping through hoops. 12:25 prologic ahh 12:25 prologic just build Python 2.7 from source :) 13:19 pdurbin prologic: could do but `yum install python27` is easier: https://www.softwarecollections.org 21:08 prologic pdurbin, ahh :) 21:08 prologic that must be recent :) 21:12 semiosis pdurbin: you like jq right? can you help me? 21:12 semiosis i'm finding the tutorial & manual lacking 21:13 semiosis goal is to get a particular property from objects in an array where another property has some value 21:14 semiosis for example... [{a: 1, b: x}, {a: 2, b: x}, {a: 3, b: y}] ==> show me all the a's where b is x ==> 1, 2 21:15 prologic cat file.json | jq '. | [] | select(a=2) | .b' 21:15 prologic I like jq too :) 21:15 semiosis prologic: thanks!!! 21:15 prologic the docs are fine 21:15 prologic but yeah examples are lacking 21:15 prologic it's something like the above 21:16 semiosis the docs are terse. and thats fine, but sometimes terse docs aren't enough 21:16 prologic *nods* 21:16 prologic hmm 21:16 prologic I don't even have jq here 21:16 prologic damint :/ 21:16 prologic going to have to port it for CRUX :) 21:17 prologic anyway gotta get to work :) good lucky 21:17 prologic luck* 21:18 semiosis thx again 21:20 pdurbin semiosis: I use jq 1000 times a day. love it. it even has recursive stuff 21:21 semiosis pdurbin: would you do it the same as prologic? or else what would you do? 21:22 pdurbin hmm, if prologic's thing works... 21:22 pdurbin SHIP IT! 21:23 semiosis sadly, it doesnt 21:23 semiosis error: a is not defined / . | [] | select(a=2) | .b 1 compile error 21:23 semiosis i put in my example array 21:24 semiosis but that expression isn't even well formed apparently 21:24 pdurbin oh 21:24 pdurbin bummer 21:25 semiosis eh, ok, my example needed " around the bare chars 21:25 semiosis but the expr is still bad 21:28 semiosis ok ok, how about a simpler thing 21:28 semiosis show me all the objects in an array where x = y 21:29 semiosis how do I do that? 21:33 pdurbin semiosis: if there's a #jq channel and they want me to log it I'm happy to 21:37 semiosis pdurbin: can you just show me how to filter an array? 21:37 semiosis i have an array of objects, i want to get the subset of objects where .foo == "bar" 21:37 pdurbin can you just 21:37 pdurbin he says 21:38 semiosis i'm about to throw out this jq thing and *just* use php 21:38 semiosis all i've ever been able to do with jq is pretty print stuff 21:45 pdurbin semiosis: that's what I do most often but you may find some nuggets at https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=jq 21:45 pdurbin may 21:45 pdurbin :) 21:45 semiosis '.[] | if .b=="x" then .a else null end' 21:46 semiosis that does what i want, mostly. i am left with a null where b was y 21:46 pdurbin curl -s 'http://localhost:8983/solr/collection1/select?rows=100&wt=json&indent=true&q=*&fq=dvtype:files' | jq '.response.docs[] | {name_sort, id, parentid}' 21:46 semiosis but at least it gives me all the a's where b is x 21:47 pdurbin I mentioned jq here: https://github.com/mit-cml/appinventor-sources/issues/96 21:47 pdurbin "Perhaps it could have semantics like jq: http://stedolan.github.io/jq/ " :) 21:50 semiosis ok, i can use empty instead of null 21:50 semiosis that's nice 21:50 semiosis this might actually be useful 22:08 semiosis prologic: i think you meant this, ./jq '.[] | select(.b == "x") | .a' 22:09 semiosis and i think i get jq now 22:09 semiosis sharp learning curve on that thing 22:11 pdurbin so sharp it hurts 22:12 semiosis seriously 22:12 semiosis i think a grammar would have helped a lot 22:12 semiosis the syntax is so weird 22:12 pdurbin yeah, I called it "semantics" 22:12 semiosis it's a functional language 22:12 pdurbin i dunno 22:12 semiosis but with bizarre syntax 22:12 semiosis no grouping, no s-expresseions 22:12 pdurbin just like sed! 22:13 semiosis lol 23:26 pdurbin semiosis: can you please make your jq question into a kata? https://github.com/crimsonfu/code/tree/master/katas 23:27 pdurbin then prologic can add his solution 23:27 semiosis https://twitter.com/pragmaticism/status/540268171169918976 23:27 semiosis that pretty much sums it up 23:30 semiosis ok i'll kata 23:46 semiosis https://github.com/crimsonfu/code/pull/1 23:46 semiosis pdurbin: ^ 23:50 semiosis hang on still editing 23:51 semiosis ok done 23:51 * semiosis gbtw 23:57 semiosis pdurbin: and you can add yours too! 23:57 semiosis s/yours/your solution/ 23:57 pdurbin 7 commits? no squashing? 23:57 pdurbin i kid 23:58 pdurbin ok, merged 23:58 GitHub173 [code] pdurbin pushed 8 new commits to master: https://github.com/crimsonfu/code/compare/345cc08e096e...dbf4145ccc6e 23:58 GitHub173 code/master da4b78e Louis Zuckerman: jqfilter 23:58 GitHub173 code/master a930996 Louis Zuckerman: jqfilter 23:58 GitHub173 code/master 552978e Louis Zuckerman: jqfilter 23:59 pdurbin man, I forgot about that git hooks. it's been so long since we worked on any katas