Time Nick Message 14:33 dotplus Nice. I've already taken to using "... is so vague as to be content-free", but "uselessly vague" might be better. Particularly wrt to "cloud" and "devops". 14:58 pdurbin http://uselessuseofcat.com 20:14 pdurbin is uWSGI awesome? I'm looking at http://voorloopnul.com/blog/setting-up-django-with-apache-and-uwsgi-ubuntu-12-10/ ... maybe as an alternative to mod_wsgi 20:31 pdurbin uWSGISocket 20:32 pdurbin this is the problem I'm trying to solve: https://github.com/IQSS/eyeData/issues/2#issuecomment-65139309 20:36 pdurbin (getting Django with Python 2.7 working on CentOS 6) 20:41 dotplus uwsgi is awesome 20:43 dotplus virtualenv solves most problems in the area of "my (system/vendor) python isn't what I want". Alternatively in the specific case, isn't there a RHEL software collection for 2.7 on 6? 20:44 pdurbin dotplus: yes! I'm using software collections when I `yum install python27` but do I also have to `yum install python27-mod_wsgi`? Or should I use uwsgi instead? 20:45 pdurbin here are all the places I'm calling `scl`: https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse.org/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=scl (software collections) 20:45 pdurbin whoops, different repo but whatever 20:48 dotplus mrrh? mod-wsgi is for apache. uwsgi is a standalone appserver, to go behind apache or nginx or whatever as a reverse proxy 20:48 dotplus different pattern. 20:58 pdurbin right, I'm using mod_wsgi right now but I had to compile it special for the version of python I got from software collections. I was thinking maybe I should try `yum install python27-mod_wsgi` instead 20:58 pdurbin or I was thinking of ditching mod_wsgi entirely and trying uwsgi 20:58 * pdurbin hopes he is making sense 21:36 dotplus pdurbin: you are making sense. I think that if you want to continue with mod-wsgi, you'll do better with python27-mod_wsgi. If you're still in the exploratory phase, I advise looking at uwsgi. it's mature, flexible, performant and well-known. 21:40 pdurbin dotplus: awesome. thanks much