Time Nick Message 17:51 hydrajump https://forums.openvpn.net/topic17625.html OpenVPn vulnerability! 17:51 hydrajump new release in ~2 hours 17:53 pdurbin 2 hours? no pressure 18:00 semiosis since about 1 am this morning my tomcat servers have been dying, at random, once every 20 minutes 18:01 semiosis there's no exception or any other indication of a problem in any log files. tomcat just stops responding to requests 18:03 semiosis or it's so slow to handle them the ELB thinks it's dead 18:41 pdurbin semiosis: what changed? 18:50 hydrajump https://coreos.com/blog/rocket/ 18:50 hydrajump rocket to beat the docker :P 19:15 semiosis pdurbin: nothing of mine 19:22 * pdurbin blames the network 19:22 pdurbin ;) 19:24 semiosis +1 23:41 bear https://coderanger.net/ops-glossary/ 23:41 bear wondering why I didn't know about this page before ^^ 23:48 pdurbin heh. "This term is now uselessly vague." 23:54 semiosis so you're telling me Runit is not a ruby testing framework?