Time Nick Message 02:47 mhayden pdurbin: lol 04:14 pdurbin :) 18:12 dotplus pdurbin: one of the most polished is wesnoth.org. Of course, "most enjoyable" is a completely subjective matter. 21:10 semiosis used samsung kies to backup apps on my phone before wiping it. restored my apps. they're all reset. 21:10 semiosis don't use samsung kies to backup your phone! 21:10 semiosis worthless 21:12 semiosis none of the things "backed up" were restored properly 21:12 semiosis apps, configs, nada 21:46 pdurbin dotplus: eh? polished? 21:51 dotplus pdurbin: you don't think it's polished or you're rather incredulous that a FOSS game could be described as 'polished'? 22:15 * pdurbin looks... Battle for Wesnoth - http://wesnoth.org 22:16 pdurbin is this a clone of something? 22:19 pdurbin "Monitor cron job execution" https://github.com/mperham/inspeqtor 22:19 pdurbin via http://thechangelog.com/130/