Time Nick Message 21:49 pdurbin what are the best open source video games? 21:50 pdurbin asking for a friend: http://irclogs.jackgrigg.com/irc.freenode.net/openhatch/2014-11-22#i_3503966 22:04 prologic oh hmm 22:04 prologic there's quite a few good ones ihmo 22:04 prologic tuxracer comes to mind :) 22:04 pdurbin never heard of it. my kids love tuxpaint 22:08 prologic https://gist.github.com/0d90549538158c76b033 22:08 prologic https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/List_of_games 22:08 prologic Arch probably have a beter list 22:09 pdurbin prologic: you changed it to extremetuxracer ? 22:11 prologic I believe upstream changed it 22:12 prologic we (CRUX) normally create ports that directly match upstream software names 22:12 prologic :) 22:13 prologic I discovered how to Dockerize and run X11 apps last night 22:13 prologic I even created a Bash alias fo simplifying how to ro it in one stroke :) 22:13 pdurbin :) 22:14 prologic alias dkix="docker run -i -t -e DISPLAY -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -v $HOME/.Xauthority:/$HOME/.Xauthority --net=host" 22:15 pdurbin nice 22:16 prologic I don't really understand too much why the contanier needs to have access to the host's network stack 22:16 prologic but anyway 22:16 prologic it doesn't work without --net=host 22:17 pdurbin probably the NSA put that in there 22:17 prologic lol 22:18 * pdurbin remembers when the NSA was hated only for creating SELinux 22:18 pdurbin mhayden: ^^ 22:20 prologic heh 22:20 * prologic creates a crux/gtk image 22:20 prologic to speed up creating X11 Dockerized apps :) 22:20 prologic (at least based on GTK+) 22:20 prologic :) 23:05 hydrajump prologic: I haven't tried it myself but all the examples I've seen don't require --net=host 23:05 prologic They do now :) 23:05 prologic Docker 1.3.1 here 23:06 hydrajump oh, have you tried just adding --cap-add=NET_ADMIN to see if that alone works? 23:07 prologic no I haven't 23:07 prologic but I'll try when I get back 23:07 prologic I'm going to push up crux/gtk to the hub 23:07 prologic and a simple demo app based on that 23:08 prologic as a here's how to Dockerize X apps 23:08 prologic bbl