Time Nick Message 03:20 bear prologic i've been doing async python since v2.4 - I try to keep up on all of the various ways it can be done in different languages 03:30 prologic ahh 03:30 prologic well async is just one small part of circuits 03:30 prologic :) 03:30 prologic and they're implemented as components themselves 03:30 prologic the Async I/O side of things 13:56 pdurbin ironcamel: "I have been working at a python shop... I'm happy to be going back to Perl" http://irclog.perlgeek.de/pdl/2014-11-15#i_9667586 14:51 pdurbin westmaas: oh yeah, how are you liking Perl? 18:11 hydrajump immutable infrastructure all the way :D 18:11 hydrajump this is kinda cool if you want to run your own "mini" cluster using docker on-premise http://sc5.io/posts/a-private-raspberry-pi-cloud-with-arm-docker 18:42 pdurbin fun