Time Nick Message 06:28 prologic Hi folks 06:28 prologic I'd like to announce a pre-release of autodock: https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/prologic/autodock/ 06:28 prologic autodock -- Automating Docker 11:51 pdurbin nice 11:51 prologic yeah actually 11:51 prologic it is :) 11:51 prologic building a hipache plugin now 11:51 prologic that will let you dynamically setup vhosts for any web container 11:51 prologic by simply running it with a VIRTUALHSOT env var 11:51 prologic e.g: 11:52 prologic docker run -e VIRTUALHOST=foo.bar.com -p 80:80 my_web_image 11:53 pdurbin After Docker: Unikernels and Immutable Infrastructure — Medium - https://medium.com/@darrenrush/after-docker-unikernels-and-immutable-infrastructure-93d5a91c849e 11:53 pdurbin semiosis: ^^ 12:13 pdurbin I was just saying yesterday that I'll feel like Docker has arrived when one of our users asks for us to distribute our application as a Docker container. 12:14 pdurbin so far they've only asked for RPMs 12:38 prologic heh 12:38 prologic I'm sure they will eventually :) 12:39 prologic Docker really is quite convenient though 12:39 prologic even on the Desktop 12:39 prologic just today, I wanted to convert a bunch of REDME.rst to README.md 12:39 prologic (because the Docker Hub doesn't support rendering rst yet) 12:40 prologic it's far eiaser to just run up someone's image of pandoc 12:40 prologic thatn it is to install haskell and all the dependeices of pandoc 12:40 prologic only to litter my system of something I'd hardly use :) 12:40 prologic so now I have a ~/bin/rst2md 12:40 prologic https://gist.github.com/b66bd4ddf4bd9e1b63cc 12:42 pdurbin yeah, I use Vagrant for quick experiments in installing stuff I don't want on my laptop 12:44 pdurbin prologic: do you always run docker as root? 12:44 pdurbin when you do `docker run`? 12:45 prologic err no never 12:45 prologic always as my local user 12:45 prologic also you should try it out yourself 12:45 prologic as opposed to Vagrant 12:45 prologic it's a hell of a lot faster to test things out :) 12:55 pdurbin I don't *want* to execute `docker run` as root. It's just that the last time I tried Docker I was on Fedora and there's all this weirdness there about sudo and Docker and groups: https://docs.docker.com/installation/fedora/ 12:56 prologic oh 12:56 prologic that's just bad documentation :) 12:57 prologic what can I say -- developers suck at it 12:57 prologic needless to say 12:57 prologic install Docker 12:57 prologic add yourself to the "docker" group 12:57 prologic and you're done 12:57 prologic no sudo or root this 12:57 pdurbin ok, so you do have to add yourself to the "docker" group 12:57 prologic all kinds of silliness of nob jokey sysadmins :) 12:58 prologic yes b default the remote api (docker daemon) binds to /var/run/docker.sock 12:58 prologic you can tweak this by editing the systemd/upstart/init (whatever) startup for Docker 12:58 prologic docker --help 12:58 prologic it's the -H option 12:58 prologic e.g: 12:58 prologic docker -H tcp:// 12:58 prologic 237t is the standardized port 12:58 prologic as recognized now by the (whatever that org is) 12:59 prologic 2375* 12:59 prologic or you can have both like I do on my desktop 12:59 prologic so I can access the Docker Daemon on my desktop via it's UNIX Socket at /var/run/docker.sock and via it's TCP endpoint from my MacBook Air 13:00 prologic so on my MBA I can do: 13:00 prologic docker run -i -t crux 13:00 prologic and instantaneously get a crux linux env 13:09 pdurbin ok, `sudo gpasswd -a pdurbin docker` (and logging out and back in) from https://docs.docker.com/installation/ubuntulinux/ seemed to work fine. and restarting docker 13:10 prologic awesome :) 13:10 pdurbin and now I'm in crux I think 13:10 prologic welcome to the evil wonderful world of Docker :) 13:10 prologic oh? 13:10 prologic typing crux will find out :) 13:11 pdurbin CRUX version 3.1 13:11 prologic yeap :) 13:11 prologic you are :) 13:11 prologic docker run -i -t crux/python 13:11 prologic :) 13:11 prologic or even better 13:11 prologic docker run -i -t --privileged crux/dind 13:11 prologic Docker-in-Docker :) 13:13 pdurbin running `rst2md index.rst` right now. it's downloading some stuff 13:14 pdurbin downloading pandoc 13:17 pdurbin and dependencies. slowly 13:19 prologic ahh cool :) 13:19 prologic it helps to have a fast connection sometimes 13:19 pdurbin ever so slowly 13:19 prologic often some folk are lazy and dont' optimize their iamges :) 13:20 prologic I Dockerized my UNIX as an IDE Development Environment last week 13:20 prologic so I can run my ide anywhere :) 13:20 prologic it's ~1.2G in size 13:20 prologic good thing my new job has Fibre :) 13:20 pdurbin so it's an image not a container? 13:22 pdurbin searchbot: lucky docker image vs container 13:22 searchbot pdurbin: http://docs.docker.com/terms/container/ 13:23 pdurbin ok, so images are read-only 13:24 pdurbin containers are read-write 13:24 prologic the life-cycle is 13:24 prologic Image -> Container 13:24 prologic a Registry (e.g: Docker Hub) stores Images 13:24 prologic Docker runs Containers 13:24 prologic it also builds Images 13:24 prologic etc :) 13:24 prologic the whole ecosystem 13:24 pdurbin an image is like a snapshot of a container? I'm seeing `docker commit` 13:25 prologic yes containers are read/write 13:25 prologic however when they are terminated and removed 13:25 prologic all data is lost 13:25 prologic images are immutable 13:25 prologic umm 13:25 prologic images are built up of layers 13:25 prologic using COW - Copy on Write 13:25 prologic AUFS, BRTFS, devmapper 13:25 prologic are the main storage backends supported right now 13:26 prologic I use BTRFS myself here 13:26 prologic docker commit is useful for building images by hand 13:26 prologic e.g: 13:26 prologic docker run -it ubuntu /bin/bash 13:26 prologic ; install some crap 13:26 prologic ; exit 13:26 prologic docker commit ... 13:26 prologic then you have a new image based off ubuntu 13:27 prologic however caveat: 13:27 prologic this is not easily reproducible 13:27 prologic since you did it by hand :) 13:27 prologic so learn to user/write a Dockerfile 13:27 prologic lots of examples at https://bitbucket.org/cruxlinux/ 13:28 pdurbin I'm sure I'll learn more as I play around. 13:28 pdurbin rst2md is still downloading gigabytes of pandoc dependencies 13:28 pdurbin well, one of them is over 600 MB at least. dunno the total 13:33 prologic $ docker images | grep pandoc 13:33 prologic jagregory/pandoc latest be6297221dd3 8 months ago 2.143 GB 13:34 prologic apparently huge 13:34 prologic one good reason why I didn't want to isntall it locally :) 13:34 prologic also lazy image author/maintainer 13:34 prologic probably didn't do an apt-get clean and/or merge multiple RUN statements (optimizing the image) 13:36 prologic http://code.activestate.com/recipes/578963-guess-a-number-2-the-computer-attempts-to-guess-yo/ 13:36 prologic geez christ 13:36 * prologic weeps 13:36 pdurbin done! and now I have an index.md file. neat! 13:37 pdurbin and now it's fast to conver the next file. no downloading :) 13:38 pdurbin yeah, my /var/lib/docker/aufs is 2.9 GB now 13:39 prologic *nods* 13:39 pdurbin http://blog.thoward37.me/articles/where-are-docker-images-stored/ could get to the point faster ;) 13:39 prologic well locally in /var/lib/docker 13:39 prologic by default 13:39 prologic /data/docker on my desktop :) 13:39 prologic but one should not really look inside or touch the data storage area :) 13:40 prologic it's all black magic :) 13:40 prologic Also handy tip for when you get to building images 13:40 prologic docker rmi -f dangling=true 13:40 prologic remove stale dangling images 13:43 prologic https://pypi.python.org/pypi/hipachectl/0.0.1 13:43 prologic cool ^^^ :) 13:43 prologic one of my docker related tools is seeing some use 14:13 pdurbin I guess the first thing I think is "where would I host a Docker image I create?" 14:13 pdurbin it's easy to host a PHP app 14:13 pdurbin and I'm used to deploying Java webapps now 14:14 pdurbin and Django, a bit 14:14 pdurbin I've stood up Ruby on Rails apps 14:15 pdurbin CGI is easy 14:16 pdurbin it would be interesting if our ops people said, "We'd like a Docker image of your app. We love hosting Docker images/containers." 14:26 pdurbin the argument for writing apps in PHP because they're so easy to deploy: http://werd.io/2014/8-tips-for-writing-open-source-web-apps-that-anyone 14:47 pdurbin I guess I'm thinking it would be interesting if Docker becomes so popular that it becomes a common way to deploy apps. 19:00 pdurbin bear: heh. nice to see you mentioning Circuits: http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2014-11-15#t1416075419484 19:00 bear :) 19:00 bear I use and like circuits a lot 22:43 prologic bear, oh really ? 22:44 prologic I haven't seen you before though :) 22:44 prologic what do you use circuits for? 23:18 pdurbin bear: ah. cool. I don't know a ton about circuits but I learn a bit here and there in #circuits