Time Nick Message 14:38 pdurbin nice quote from mattdm: "Please join me in asking Groupon to change their plans" at Help the GNOME Foundation defend the GNOME trademark - http://gnome.org/groupon/ 17:29 semiosis pdurbin: re: jmeter, yes i have 17:29 semiosis it's a pain, but it can be useful 18:29 pdurbin semiosis: I played with it a bit. Seems useful, powerful, complex. 18:58 semiosis some things that should be easy, like controlling a remote agent, are extremely difficult 18:58 semiosis iirc 18:59 pdurbin in practice we're using Selenium instead: https://github.com/IQSS/selenium-helper 18:59 semiosis maybe in the last couple years it's gotten better 18:59 semiosis nice. we use selenium too. it's great 19:00 semiosis but that's more for acceptance testing. i used jmeter for load testing 19:00 semiosis i tried doing acceptance tests in jmeter but it just seemed unnecessarily difficult to build the test routines 19:01 pdurbin we're using Selenium to try to trigger a particular bug 19:01 semiosis imho i would use jmeter for testing Java EE stuff, like JMS, for which there are built in connectors 19:01 semiosis for http/web stuff i think there's better tools than jmeter 21:13 pdurbin "UPDATE: After additional conversations with the open source community and the Gnome Foundation, we have decided to abandon our pending trademark applications for “Gnome.” We will choose a new name for our product going forward." https://engineering.groupon.com/2014/misc/gnome-foundation-and-groupon-product-names/ 21:13 pdurbin all's well that ends well 21:24 larsks It's funny that the news comes out of the engineering department. I suspect they had some internal pressure as well as external... 22:55 pdurbin I hear the new name is going to be KDE. 23:47 semiosis rofl